A Guide to Download ARTE Videos : Stream ARTE Videos without Limitation

| Published on Sep 05, 2023| 5 Minutes Reading
This article will give you useful tips to download ARTE movies and shows as well as some background information.

Are you interested in art documentaries and shows, especially European cultures? Do you find it difficult to watch high-quality art programs? Do not worry. ARTE can be your most suitable option. And this article will introduce ARTE and how to download ARTE videos successfully. Let’s start reading!

What Is ARTE?

For those who may not know ARTE, this article will explain what is ARTE at the beginning.

ARTE, co-funded by the European Union, focuses on European culture in 6 languages, which means most European users can easily watch ARTE in their first language, such as German and Italian.

What is more, about half of the programs on ARTE are documentaries, and most of them are produced in Europe. If you are interested in sustainable development, and economic and cultural development, you get to the right place. Lebanon: Inside Hezbollah and 100 years of Ulysses are popular videos you can enjoy.


You may also wonder what ARTE offers apart from amazing documentaries. The answer is classic and popular movies, operas, world music, and even hip-hop-related videos. You can get the edification of excellent culture on ARTE so that you can see the world more comprehensively.

The best part is that ARTE is completely free to watch. The word "free" does not imply a lack of quality. ARTE is a channel that should be streamed since its programming encourages critical thinking and, in particular, its documentaries.

Can I Watch ARTE Videos on My Mobile Device?

The answer is yes. ARTE can be viewed on your phone after an easy downloading process.

You can find and download the ARTE app on Google Glay or Appstore according to your device type.

iPhone users:

  • Go to the App Store and type your query into the search field.
  • Put in the ARTE app's name here.
  • To begin downloading and installing an app, find the one you want and click the "download" button.
  • If you have already downloaded the requested app and just want to update it, you can click the cloud icon with a downward arrow.

Android users:

  • Launch the Google Play Store.
  • Look for the ARTE app in the search bar.
  • Click the install option.

Frequently Asked Questions

This part mainly shows you frequently ask questions about ARTE. And how to download ARTE videos is in the next part. Please keep watching.

Where can I check to see if a particular program has subtitles in more than one language at the same time?

The majority of the content provided by digital networks has subtitles not just in German but also in French. You can view the other language versions by going to the corresponding webpage on arte. tv and switching the language version in the top right corner of the page.

In addition, you can quickly and simply change the language that is being spoken on the show by using the small speech bubble icon that is located in the bottom right corner of each video.

Can I watch ARTE videos on smart tv?

Streaming ARTE videos on the big screen are awesome. And the good news is that you can watch ARTE on some smart TVs, such as LG, Apple TV, and Samsung TV.

And the basic operating system requirements are that tvOS must be 13.0 and higher.

Therefore, you should check whether the operating system of your smart TV is compatible with ARTE.

What is the function of MyARTE?

On both the ARTE website and its mobile apps, you can personalize your experience by accessing the "MyARTE" section, which is very convenient. And creating your own MyARTE can provide you with a number of advantages, including but not limited to the following:

  • If you have the capability to bookmark videos, you will be able to watch them on any streaming device, whenever you want and from wherever you are.
  • You have the opportunity to win tickets to prestigious cultural events and to get knowledge about the most recent cultural activities in your region and the country.

Is It Possible to Download ARTE Videos and Programs?

ARTE itself does not support downloading its videos on your computer, so if you did not grow up with access to the internet, you probably did not get to see any of your ARTE favorites. How can I download ARTE videos and programs? In any event, MyStream ARTE Downloader is your safest and most dependable option when you want to download ARTE videos.


When you make use of the ARTE Downloader offered by MyStream, you can be certain that the high-definition quality of your downloaded ARTE videos will be 720p. MyStream has recently added support for downloading and streaming the magnificent television episodes and movies that are distributed by ARTE.

Because it enables you to download numerous episodes of ARTE shows simultaneously, using the MyStream ARTE Downloader could help you save a significant amount of time. If you utilize the downloader, you can watch videos while they are being downloaded to your device.

Besides, MyStream is able to assist you in skipping commercial breaks when you use the MyStream ARTE Downloader. MyStream guarantees that its users will not be interrupted by advertisements while watching high-quality videos.

With MyStream, it will not be difficult for you to organize your ARTE video collection since the metadata that is attached to your chosen videos is being saved.

Steps to download ARTE videos and programs with MyStream

MyStream allows you to download ARTE videos in three simple steps.

Step 1: The prerequisite for downloading ARTE videos is to install and open MyStream ARTE Downloader.

Step 2: Paste the URL of the video of ARTE into MyStream.

Step 3: After analyzing the URL, select the download button.


ARTE is an excellent platform to stream cultural and art-related documentaries and shows. However, it is impossible for you to download ARTE videos directly, which is why you need the help of MyStream ARTE Downloader.

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