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This is the FAQ page of Mystreamdownloader.com

1. How do I activate my software after purchasing it?

Once you've made your purchase, register to our site and create a password. The password will be used to activate the desktop software. Register Now

Alternatively, you can modify your password here if you've forgotten.

2. MyStream: How do I renew/cancel?

MyStream depends on the subscription plan. You will be charged monthly or annually for renewal (depending on which purchase plan you choose). If you want to cancel MyStream you can email our customer support. We'll help you resolve your problem within 48 hours.

Step 1: Go to the Settings of MyStream

Step 2: Enter email and password

3. How high is MyStream' highest quality video?

MyStream is able to support downloading most videos in HD 1080p. That would be enough for most users. The original quality of the video would be important as well.

Video: mostly 1080p. Some videos can go up to 8k and 4k respectively. This will depend on what platform you use.

Video Bitrate: Some constant bit rate, others variable. Variable, based on Movie/Show.

4. What streaming services do you support right now

Netflix, Hulu. HBO Max. HBO Now. Disney+. Paramount Plus. Amazon Prime. U-Next. Abema TV. Apple TV+. Rakuten TV. We also support more than 100+ sites with new features.

5. What time will it take to download one movie.

This will vary depending on how you use the Internet. For your information, however, here is an overview:

  • Speed High-speed downloads without playback. Download speeds up to 32MB/s using a 1GB cable modem. Download speeds appear to be very fast for all types of downloads.

  • Time - One movie may be downloaded within 15 minutes depending upon network traffic. It is very similar to iTunes movie downloads.

  • Batch Download - Yes

  • Animation depends on TV/movie shows. 6 channel, 640kb/s at 48kHz EAC3 Dolby Digital Plus; 2 channel, 224kb/s at 48kHz EAC3 Dolby Digital Plus

6. What if MyStream is not able to provide the service that I need?

Contact us to discuss the problem and we'll assist as soon as possible. Let us say that you have an urgent need. If that is the case, then our developers are ready to assist our users and quickly respond to their needs.

7. Which guide is the most complete?

Read our software guide. You can find information about video downloading at our blog centre.

8. What is the minimum system requirements for MyStream

★Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7 (32/64 Bit)

★Intel i3+ or higher

★Minimum 4GB RAM

★You get 40GB free space on your hard disk.

★Internet Access is required

9. How can I Batch Download the Latest Episodes?

MyStream works well. The program uses your history of viewing to give you information about current trends for your favorite movies and series. A whole series of movies could be added to the task queue. You will receive it automatically.

10. SRT Subtitles: How do I download them?

MyStream lets you stream movies without any sub-titles. You can set your browser to automatically select the subtitles and language. Video subtitles are available as SRT files. They can also be remuxed to the video.

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