AniTube Reopens! 2022 Update and How to Download AniTube!

| Published on Aug 25, 2022| 3 Minutes Reading
AniTube" is a formerly operating (closed but reopened again) website where you can view uploaded anime. In this article, we will introduce the current status of AniTube, its safety, and how to download and watch it.

AniTube" is a formerly operated (closed but reopened again) website where you can view uploaded anime.

The site was operated on an overseas server, and various Japanese anime videos were uploaded.

Since the site is written in English and Roman characters, it seems to have been established for the enjoyment of overseas users, but it is a popular site with many users in Japan.

In this article, we will introduce the current status of AniTube, its safety, and how to download and watch it.

Current status of AniTube?

AniTube has reopened.

Here is the latest site:.

Furthermore, when AniTube was closed, is still in operation to replace it.

The site is here:

The language is not Japanese, but just like AniTube, a search in Japanese will find that anime, and there are special icons for each anime to help you find the anime you want to watch.

Another feature is the large lineup of anime itself.

The lineup includes major anime as well as lesser-known anime, so those who are looking to discover anime can use the service without any particular thought.

The Dangers of Anitube

Let's take a look at the dangers of ANITUBE.

AniTube is a comfortable way to watch anime.

But anitube shows the same dangers as other free anime sites.

The image above is an ad for an illegal anime site called "animeflv," but there are very few such ads on anitube.

This is probably due to the fact that anitube is not the type of site that makes money by tapping ads or planting viruses.

When you try to watch anime on, you may be redirected to another site, and when you are redirected to that site, a virus called "Mining Spectrum" may have been dropped on you!

Mining sprites are not sprites that extract or misuse personal information, but they can increase the "burden on the computer itself".

A common pattern is that terminals with mining sprites are used for mining virtual currency.

So, it is safe to watch downloads.

About download viewing on Anitube

Unfortunately, when you want to download anime directly from Anitube, you will be redirected to other sites. Moreover, there is a high possibility of getting a virus.

For this reason, we recommend Mystream Downloader, a dedicated downloader.

MyStream Downloader

MyStream Downloader is the fastest way to download and save online videos from over 200 video and music sharing sites such as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and SoundCloud. Loader allows you to watch your favorite videos in superior quality and clarity at resolutions up to 2160p. You can continue watching your videos without interruption. High resolution is now one of the most important considerations for consumers, and with MyStream Downloader you can watch your videos in the same quality as professional cinema.

MyStream Downloader Features

Want to watch videos with the best sound and picture quality? MyStream Download er aims to provide 2160p video resolution and 5.1 audio track. You can expect the best download experience. Enjoy your videos with unprecedented clarity without any loss of quality.

How to use MyStream Downloader

1) Launch the downloader.

After downloading the software to your PC, please install and launch it.

(2) Open the video streaming site.

Enter the Anitube website in the address bar at the top of the Streaming Plus page and open it with the built-in browser.

(3) Play the animation.

Play the video you wish to download. When the playback starts, select the desired resolution and press the "Download" button to start downloading.

Note that Mystream downloader has a batch download function, so you can select "Add to Queue" when you want to download numerous animations at once.

When you are done selecting all the videos, click "Downloading" on the left side and press "Start All" on the screen that appears.

PS: Is Anitube downloading illegal?

1. The only thing that will be made illegal by this amendment is the intentional and active downloading of infringing content, and even infringing content is not illegal if you simply watch or view it (of course, the government does not encourage such behavior). (Of course, the government does not encourage such activities.)
(Of course, the government does not encourage such activities.) Furthermore, caching and progressive downloads that accompany viewing and browsing are separately legal under Article 47-4, Paragraph 1 of the Copyright Act.

Please be assured that the act of downloading for personal use, as described above, is not illegal.

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