A Guide to Watch and Download IVI Videos in Easy Steps

| Published on Dec 06, 2022| 5 Minutes Reading
In this article, you can learn how to use the leading Russian streaming platform IVI and how to download IVI videos to watch later.

Do you feel it difficult in finding a platform to watch Russian related documentaries and movies? Do you want to watch interesting Russian series and other popular movies anytime and anywhere? IVI streaming with more than 15000 titles would be your ideal option.

And if you want to download IVI videos so as to avoid Internet crashes or annoying intrusive ads, a professional downloader can be a great help for downloading IVI videos. This downloader is revealed in the article. First, let’s know more about IVI streaming platform.

What Is IVI?

As the top online cinema in Russia, IVI streaming provides diverse catalogs of movies, series and animation. Whether you enjoy comedy or detective stories, you can find what you prefer in IVI.

Compared with major streaming platforms such as Netflix and Disney Plus, the unique advantage of IVI streaming is that it has many exclusive contents related to Russia apart from common American and English movies and series.

IVI becomes a household name in Russia, attracting more than 40 million monthly unique visitors worldwide. And if you love watching Russian series and movies, you definitely will find IVI is a bonanza that should not be missed.

Moreover, you will never get bored with IVI streaming. For one thing, IVI can precisely recommend what you may like based on targeted AI analysis. For another, this streaming platform delivers new content every week. You can effortlessly find your favorite movies at affordable prices.

Another user-friendly feature of IVI is that it supports diverse systems and devices, which is extremely convenient. IOS and the android systems can both download it from the app store or Google Play. And it is also compatible with popular TV devices, such as Apple TV, LG, Samsung and Sony Smart TV.

With IVI on all your devices, you can easily continue to watch a video that you have not finished. This connectivity delivers a smooth and handy watching experience, making watching series a true pleasure and an irreplaceable way to relax anytime.

How to Get Access to Videos from IVI?

Smooth access to IVI streaming can be possible as long as you pay attention to the following details. The original language of the website is Russian. If you do not understand Russian, you can translate the website into English with the help of your Chrome or Edge browser.

And the first step to watching videos from IVI streaming online is to set up your IVI account by clicking “my profile”.

Then, select “Login or register”, and you can create your account either via email or phone number. In case you forget your account name and password, it is suggested that you save a screenshot after setting it up.

In order to enjoy unlimited viewing of all movies, documentaries and cartoons on IVI streaming, the 14 days subscription for $1 is a good option. This plan allows you to have simultaneous viewing on 5 devices, which brings unexpected convenience for yourself and your family by sharing your account with them. And the high definition of 1080P is also available to subscribers.

A hint that should be noticed is that this 14-day subscription will be renewed automatically for 4.99 $ per month. But the good news is that this service of IVI streaming can be turned off at any time.

After buying the subscription for just $1, just search for the titles of the series or movies that you want to watch. All resources are available to you. However, you will inevitably encounter some advertisements when you watch videos from IVI online.

How to Watch Videos from IVI Offline?

You may prefer to download IVI videos rather than just watch them online because it is more convenient. Offline viewing gets rid of the restriction of the Internet speed, which means you can follow the latest update of your favorite series on the subway or a taxi.

The question is: how to download IVI videos? There is more than one answer to this question. For example, you can use some screen recording tools. But an excellent downloader comes to my mind right away when it comes to downloading IVI videos: MyStream Downloader. Many advantages of MyStream make it perfectly suitable to download IVI videos.

Advantages of MyStream Downloader

MyStream Downloader helps download IVI content with user-friendly features.

  • All in one app. It not only supports IVI offline watching, but also more than 100 streaming platforms, such as Netflix, HBO, Amazon, and Disney Plus. As long as you want, almost all videos can be downloaded with MyStream Downloader.
  • Ads-free. It is too handy to refuse this downloader with the ads-free function. The intelligent technology of MyStream can remove ads from IVI videos during downloading.
  • Highly inclusive and reliable. MyStream Downloader works well with your Mac computers or android smartphones. With an easy click of the “download now” button, your favorite Russian movies and series from IVI are downloaded.
  • Top quality of 1080P. Downloading IVI videos and watching them offline via MyStream Downloader can be as real as live videos. For instance, the videos of an adventurous trip from IVI streaming seem to jump out of the screen. You will not regret using this amazing downloader by trying to download your children’s favorite cartoon Bodo Borodo or a romantic movie for yourself.
  • Format conversion. Converting videos to MP4 with fast speed and without undermining their high-definition quality is not a daydream. MyStream excels in this point, which helps open the stored videos for any device.

Easy Steps to Download IVI Videos with MyStream Downloader

The answer to downloading IVI videos with MyStream Downloader is simple. The process of downloading videos from IVI with MyStream Downloader only needs 4 steps.

  1. Install MyStream Downloader
  2. Sign up and sign in with your MyStream Downloader account
  3. Paste the URL of IVI in the search bar and log in to your credentials
  4. Select any video you want to watch offline and click the download button

Note: you can also have batch downloading if you need.


This article aims to introduce the IVI platform and how to download IVI videos without the restriction of the Internet. MyStream Downloader is highly recommended to download IVI videos thanks to its powerful functions and reliable downloading speed. The specific steps for having videos from IVI with the help of MyStream Downloader are also briefed.

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