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| Published on Sep 05, 2023| 5 Minutes Reading
Star+ provides great movies, shows, and live sports to you. Want to download Star+ videos and watch them later? This article will unveil an easy method to download Star+ videos.

Want to watch the latest NBA sports in Latin America? Star+ is available to you and can offer you more than that. After reading this article, you will unlock the secrets of watching and downloading Star+ videos.

What Does Star+ Offer?

Star+, targeted at Latin America Market, is a comprehensive streaming service platform. If you live in Brazil, Colombia, or Venezuela, you can enjoy the numerous series and movies on Star+. In fact, Star+ belongs to the Walt Disney Company, but it is a standalone streaming platform with a close connection to the content of Disney.


Star+ boasts various excellent TV series, movies, documentaries, and animation. You should not miss its original shows, and videos related to Latin America or popular series such as This is us. You will view Star+ as a paradise if you are a fan of The Simpsons. All seasons of it can be watched on Star+.

And it provides more than that. Star+ also broadcasts all of ESPN's original programming, including live games from the major leagues and NBA and NFL contests.

Moreover, Star+ allows you to set the parental control, which will protect your kids from violent and other unsuitable content.

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What Are the Device Requirements for Watching Star+ Videos?

Star+ is compatible with many different devices and is user-friendly. Mobile phones and computers both in android and OS systems are available. Besides, various smart TVs and game consoles have no problem watching Star+ videos. Let’s check whether your device supports the operation of Star+ and give Star+ a shot.

  • TVs:
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Android TV
  • Apple TV
  • Chromecast
  • LG TV
  • Samsung
  • Game consoles:
  • PS4
  • PS5
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X
  • Xbox Series S

How Much Does Star+ Cost?

Three subscription plans are available to you. Overall, each option is affordable and worthwhile, given the fact that Star+ has so many videos to choose.

The first one is to subscribe to Star+ at R$ 32.9 per month.

The second is COMBO+, a bundle package, which means you can enjoy Disney plus and Star+ together at an affordable price, R$ 45.9 per month.


And this plan is also the most popular one because it provides users access to all of Star+'s original programming, movies, and TV shows, in addition to Disney+'s extensive library of animated and live-action films and series from Disney, Star Wars, and National Geographic. Combo+ ensures all users have access to the most recent and best streaming entertainment.

And the third contains three streaming platforms at R$ 55,90/month, namely Star+, Disney Plus, and STARZPLAY. You should notice that if you subscribe through a third party, the price may differ.

What is the cost of subscribing to Combo+ if you already have a Disney+ or Star+ subscription?

Currently, the Combo+ subscription is only available on a monthly basis. If you already subscribe to Disney+ or Star+, the value of your subscription to the Combo+ will be discounted. Furthermore, this also applies to the yearly membership.

If you pay on a recurring basis, your monthly charges will be lowered to the discounted Combo+ rate.

If you sign up for an annual plan, the cost of your subscription will be prorated so that each monthly payment is the same as the Combo+ plan.

When you confirm your payment method for the Combo+, you'll receive an email with a complete breakdown of all fees and costs. And it is very convenient because you can cancel Combo+ anytime if you are not satisfied with the content it provides.

How Can I Download Star+ Videos?

Streaming the Simpsons on Star+ gives you a lot of fun. But sometimes, when you cannot find an Internet connection on the subway, elevator, or a small lane, it is hard to satisfy your need to watch Star+ videos online. So how can you avoid such a situation? The best option is to download Star+ videos on your phone in advance. Then, you can watch your favorite sports and Star+ originals anytime you want.

But the question is: how can I download Star+ videos? Do I have to record videos one by one?

Do not worry. MyStream Star+ Downloader is ready to help. With MyStream, you do not have to tolerate time-consuming screen recording.

MyStream Star+ Downloader

After reading MyStream's attractive and functional features, you will definitely want to try it.

High video quality is essential for a satisfying watching experience. MyStream has put in extra work so that you may now get your favorite Star+ videos in 1080p when you download star+ videos and shows.

MyStream Star+ Downloader secures a fast-downloading speed based on its advanced technologies. You do not have to wait an hour to watch your favorite movies offline. As long as you have a stable and fast Internet connection, downloading Star+ movies with MyStream is a piece of cake. Moreover, batch downloading is available to you, thus saving more time for you.

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Another small but handy feature is that you are able to download videos with MyStream Star+ Downloader without having to deal with any interruptions from commercials. No ads will improve your offline watching experience.

Last but not least, MyStream considers your specific needs since it provides different audio tracks for you to select. Whether you are used to AC3 5.1 or AAC 2.0, MyStream Star+ Downloader can meet your needs.

Easy steps to download Star+ videos with MyStream Star+ Downloader:

Step 1: To begin downloading Star+ video, install and open MySream Star+ Downloader is necessary.

Step 2: Find and select Star+ from VIP services.

Step 3: Log in to your Star+ credential and decide which one you want to download

Step 4:Click download button

Note: When you click on the video you want to watch, it will start downloading to your computer in a matter of minutes.


Star+ is a fantastic streaming platform with a focus on the Latin American market. It can be considered an ambitious step for Disney to enter the Latin American streaming market. Stat+ offers various subscription plans and works with various devices, so you can choose from what you need. If you want to download Star+ videos and watch them when you cannot access the Internet, MyStream Downloader, with its high downloading speed, can greatly help you.

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