HBO Max: Must-Know Essentials Before Streaming It On Your Devices!

| Published on Jul 18, 2022| 15 Minutes Reading
HBO has dominated cable TV for decades and has been a common household name for several individuals.


HBO has dominated cable TV for decades and has been a common household name for several individuals. With the expansion of the digital world into every facet of entertainment content – HBO was not one to step back.

In light of this, the birth of HBO Max was witnessed; one may think it's simply a change in the name to the same old HBO, but that couldn't be farther from the truth. HBO Max brings a whole new meaning to streaming services, with unique and interesting TV shows, movies of varying genres, etc. The common question of how many devices HBO Max can support is something that comes into the minds of almost all new users.

Many streaming services limit the user to one screen; however, with HBO Max how many devices you can watch on is an interesting thing. It offers an appealing offer at great prices. Currently, you can create up to 5 profiles in the streaming service – which includes both adults' and kids' profiles.

For the question of HBO Max How Many Devices are availed, the answer is three separate devices! When one goes over the screen limit, they would be notified;however, you can stream on three different devices without any worries. When multiple people share on profile, losing track of their show or movie timestamps is a major concern – this is something that gets eliminated with the ample number of five shapes in the HBO Max.

How Many Devices HBO Max Can Feature or Support?

When answering the question, how many devices on HBO Max can support, the compatibility of the streaming services with that of devicesmore often than not becomes the deciding factor on whether the individual would opt for the platform or not. When it comes to HBO Max, the range of compatibility with devices is so wide that you would not have to worry about this aspect. The concern of interested people lies in the matter of how many devices are available for HBO max, to which comes a long list of devices and operating systems of mobiles, tablets, TVs and others as such:

List of Mobile Devices that support HBO Max App…

  • Apple iPad – iOS 12.2 or further
  • Apple iPod Touch – iOS 12.2 or further
  • Apple iPhone – iOS 12.2 or further
  • Android tablets – Android OS 5 or further
  • Android smartphones – Android OS 5 or further
  • Amazon Fire tablets – 4th generation and further

List of PC, Laptops, Desktops and Browsers that support HBO Max…

  • Google Chromebook – Chrome browser version 78 or further
  • Windows PC – Windows 7 or further
  • Apple Mac – macOS X 10.10 (Yosemite) or further
  • Mozilla Firefox – latest version
  • Google Chrome – latest version
  • Safari – version 12 or further
  • Microsoft Edge– latest version (for Windows)

List of Smart TVs, Gaming consoles, and other devices supportingHBO Max…

  • Amazon Fire TV – Fire OS 5.3.6 or further
  • Android TV – Android OS 5 or further (AT&T Streaming TV box, Sony Android TVs 2015 and other, and TiVo Stream 4K)
  • 4K Apple TV and HD Apple TV – latest tvOS software
  • Cox Contour 2
  • Contour Stream Player
  • PlayStation 4 and 5
  • Streaming device RokuOS 9.3 and further
  • Samsung TV – 2016 models and further
  • Spectrum WorldBox
  • Xbox One Xbox Series X|S
  • Xfinity X1 and Flex

Having a wide range of compatible devices allows you to watch what you want to without any worries of not being able to view it. Moreover, you can share your account with as many people as you want and have them create their profiles so that the timestamps and recommendations do not overlap. Your devices are compatible with HBO Max. You can also screencast onto your Smart TV and enjoy your show or movie on the big screen; connecting through the HDMI cable is also a viable option for connectivity. Check how many devices for HBO Max you have among the above!

An interested individual may ask how many devices can be logged into HBO max. The answer is that HBO Max avails a screen limit of three, wherein three separate devices can be logged into with the addition of HBO Max being streamed on it. If you go over the limit, the app or the browser will let you know that you have reached the screen limit. You can stop any device that is currently playing something to stop their stream so that another device can play – logging out is not necessary.

How to Sign-up for HBO Max?

HBO Max is growing in popularity and is thus expanding its availability in certain countries. It offers a wide range of accessibility regarding which region you can watch HBO Max. You can stream on three separate devices in any country that the streaming services are available. Concerning how many HBO max devices can be logged in, the concern of whether it is to be in the same region or not is eliminated.

In which countries is HBO Max available?

Before you create your account and sign up for eccentric, unique, blockbuster content,it's important to know whether HBO Max is available in your region – so, here is a list of all the countries in which you can have access to the services of HBO Max;

· United States

· Anguilla

· Bolivia

· The Bahamas

· Argentina

· Aruba

· Barbados

· Virgin Islands

· Cayman Islands

· Brazil

· Dominica

· Curacao

· Belize

· Antigua and Barbuda

· Dominican Republic

· Chile

· Colombia

· Grenada

· Ecuador

· Costa Rica

· El Salvador

· Guatemala

· Nicaragua

· Panama

· Haiti

· Mexico

· Honduras

· Guyana

· Jamaica

· Montserrat

· Saint Kitts and Nevis

· Paraguay

· Uruguay

· Venezuela

· Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

· Peru

· Suriname

· Turks and Caicos Islands

· Andorra

· Saint Lucia

· Trinidad and Tobago

· Moldova

· Norway

· Montenegro

· Denmark

· Finland

· Bosnia and Herzegovina

· Bulgaria

· Croatia

· Spain

· Sweden

· Netherlands

· Poland

· Serbia

· Portugal

· Slovenia

· Romania

· Slovakia

· North Macedonia

· Czech Republic

· Hungary

If you, or the ones you wish to share the HBO Max account with, are in one of these regions – then you should not hesitate to sign up for the HBO Max membership that will change the way you view content and introduce you to a myriad of interesting new content. (To know more about the region availability, check

Now that you know how many devices can use HBO Max, it’s time to understand how to create an account here.

How to sign-up for HBO Max?

There are different ways to access the sign-up process, get membership, or even redeem pre-existing membership.

For Current Members

Since HBO Max is an update to HBO, there is not much to do for people who already have an account. Individuals who get directly billed for HBO Now through their Apple pay, Google Play or other such services will have access to HBO Max if they log in through the app or browser on different devices. If you already had the app for HBO Now, you will notice that it has already been updated to the HBO Max app. You would have to log in with your HBO Now email ID and password and then choose the option of Access all of HBO Max.

Thesatellite services that can avail of HBO Max include users of Apple TV, Xfinity, Comcast, DIRECTV, Cox, Hulu, Optimum, AT&T TV, Spectrum, and Verizon Fios. There is also a list of selected users from the cable and satellite subscription to HBO who would get access to HBO Max. To know whether you can have HBO Max through cable subscription, check on this link -

For New Subscribers

You can download the HBO Max app on your Apple device, Android phone, or Smart TV – and create a new account. After doing so, you will be given the option of starting a seven-day free trial – by the end, you can choose to get a membership. This membership can be directly paid through Apple Pay or Google Play; however, you can choose to pay through manual means.

The charges are $14.99 per month; the first seven days will be a free trial for new users. You avail yourself of everything by paying this amount and have access to all the HBO Max content. Simply downloading the app would not cost you anything if you do not wish to get the membership – even if you create an account, paying will only be necessary if you get a membership. On HBO max how many devices at once can be streamed on does not change depending on where you watch or which region you are in – the screen limit is three separate devices, and the package is the same.

How to Create and Delete Profiles on HBO Max Account?


Creating a Profile…

On HBO Max, an account can have up to 5 profiles – both adult and kid profiles.

Adult Profile creation

· Go to the HBO Max on the platform you prefer, and tap on your name or the option of the My Account icon where the menu will appear. Choose the option of 'Switch Profiles', where you will see the 'Who is Watching?' screen

· Then, tap on the 'Add Adult,' after which the "Create Profile" screen will be displayed

· Input a new Profile name, select a unique color for the profile, and click on save. You will be led back to the 'Who is Watching?' screen, where the new profile can be seen

Creating KidsProfile…

· Go to the HBO Max on the platform you prefer, and tap on your name or the option of the My Account icon where the menu will appear. Choose the option of 'Switch Profiles', where you will see the 'Who is Watching?' screen

· Then, tap on the 'Add Kid', after which the "Create a Pin" screen will be displayed

· Input a 4-digit pin, then click 'Next' – after which the "Create Profile" screen will be displayed

· Input a new Profile name, put birthday information, select a unique color for profile, then click 'Next,' after which the "Set Parental Control" screen is displayed

Set the top TV show and movie ratings that the user can watch, and then select whether the other non-kid profiles need to enter the PIN to access the adult profiles. Click on "Save" after filling in the required information, which will take you to the 'Who is Watching?' screen, where you can see that all the kids' account icons have a lock icon. The profiles that have a closed lock icon will need a user to put the PIN before accessing it or switching profiles

Deleting a Profile

· Go to the HBO Max on the platform you prefer, and tap on your name or the option of the My Account icon where the menu will appear. Choose the option of 'Switch Profiles', where you will see the 'Who is Watching?' screen

· Then, tap on 'Manage Profiles', wherein a 'Delete' button will appear at the bottom of all profiles

· Click on 'Delete' on any of the profiles you do not need. A dialogue box will appear asking if you are sure you want to delete; if you are, then click 'delete' again. You will go back to the 'Manage Profiles' screen, where you will see that the deleted profile is no longer there

Any edit to the name, profile color or such can be made through the 'Manage Profiles' option. As mentioned above, one can have five profiles on HBO Max. And how many devices can you have on HBO max does not depend on the number of profiles you create.

Have you thought of the fact how many devices can be on HBO Max, here’s the answer to this question. Let’s read further.

How Many DevicesCan Stream HBO Max at Once?

Streaming services of the digital world have several benefits over Cable TV, but one of the most important is that you can use the same subscription to view content on multiple screens. People always have queries on how many devices can stream HBO max, as they have with other platforms – HBO Max offers the users to watch on three separate devices. So now you know how many devices can watch HBO Max.

When asked how many devices can I use with HBO max, the answer is satisfactory concerning the price of the package and the myriad of other benefits that come with it. You can also screencast onto other devices like a smart TV which is compatible, through different devices like a compatible mobile or tablet – this won't count as two devices since the TV show or movie is being streamed only on one device.

HBO Downloader - MyStream HBO Downloader!

HBO Max offers a wide range of TV shows and movies, but the one thing it requires is the internet. This is the only point in which Cable TV exceeds the users' expectations – the lack of use of the internet. The solution to that is here; an HBO Downloader under the name of MyStream is the best one. It allows the users to download high-quality videos and enjoy them in their free time without WIFI or data.

This software comes with great technology and is consistently updating itself to cater to the users' needs. You can download this software into your laptop, and then download HBO Movies Offline, or even HBO Now content. It supports 1080p high quality videos, and also avails the options of choosing different audio qualities. The user can do batch downloads where they can download selected episodes of a show or even the entire series.

When downloading the videos, MyStream ensures that the ads are removed. You can also transfer the videos to other connected devices – even those that do not support the HBO Max application. You would not have to worry about how many devices can HBO max be on, since the content will be downloaded in your laptop and you wouldn't be viewing it through the HBO Max browser or application.


HBO Max has caught up to its competitors and continues to provide new and exciting movies and series for the viewers. It offers a multitude of benefits and features, which are highly appealing. From the concerns of how many devices on HBO Max can be used—the answer is three—to whether you can download the content—through MyStream, yes you can—this guide has touched upon every aspect of this streaming platform. The only thing left to do is try it out you on how many devices HBO Max you can watch!

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