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| Published on Aug 18, 2022| 5 Minutes Reading
In this issue, we would like to answer the question, "Is it possible to use Onsoku offline (when not connected to the Internet)? In response to this question, we would like to introduce a method for downloading Onsoku lecture videos.

There is an environment that is essential for obtaining qualifications using (hereafter referred to as "Onsoku").

That is the communication environment.

If you do not have access to the Internet, you will not be able to use

If you have a smartphone, you can use the Internet, which may not be a problem, but there are two things that can be a problem in that environment.

  • Signal conditions
  • Consumption of communication volume

Onsoku's basic lectures are video lectures.

If you have an Internet environment at home and can study at home without worrying about the amount of communication, there may be no problem. However, if your only means of accessing the Internet is through a smartphone and your monthly data usage settings are low, you may quickly run into communication limitations.

Also, if you are studying on a commuter train, it is not uncommon for the video to stop due to poor reception after entering a tunnel.

In this issue, we asked the question, "Is it possible to use Onsoku offline (i.e., not connected to the Internet)?

In response to this question, we would like to introduce a method for downloading Onsoku lecture videos.

Can't Onsoku download lecture videos?

Onsoku cannot download the lecture videos themselves as they are and view them freely without affecting the communication environment.
However, you can download only the exact same audio as the lecture videos and listen to it offline.

Since the videos cannot be downloaded, it is easy to understand the image of listening to and memorizing lectures like an English e-learning course.

Many people may feel that it is inconvenient to be able to listen to the audio as it is, but not to have the video.

How to download Onsoku lecture videos

You would probably want to download Onsoku lecture videos and study while watching the teachers' board.

Actually, with Mystream Downloader, this request can be realized.

Many of Onsoku's web lecture videos use encryption technology such as M3U8, which ordinary web video download tools cannot handle, but Mystream is equipped with M3U8-destroying technology.

The downloaded Onsoku lecture video files can be saved in the form of mp4 and easily transferred to your smartphone or brochure.

First, let's experience the functions of this software through the actual operation screen below.

Step 1: Download the software

Download and install Mystream Downloader on your ㍶.

Step 2: Launch the software

The software startup screen is shown below.

Step 3: Download onsk videos

Enter (copy and paste) the URL of the Onsoku lecture video you want to watch into the built-in browser of the appropriate software, and the content of the Onsoku site will be displayed in the appropriate software.

Log in with your Onsoku account as you would normally do with a browser. If you play back the Onsoku lecture you have taken in the built-in browser, the software will automatically analyze the video URL and perform the DRM removal process. After the analysis is complete, the "DRM video Downloader" screen will pop up. You can set the video quality, audio, and other settings. Click the "Download Now" button to start downloading.

If you want to download multiple lectures, click the "Add to queue" button. If you click "Downloading" in the left panel, you can see the items under implementation and download queue. You can also "Start All," "Pause," and "Delete."

Advantages of Downloading Onsoku Lecture Videos

There are two main advantages to downloading and viewing Onsoku lecture videos.

Save communication volume


Onsoku allows you to study for qualifications anytime, anywhere, so you want to make the most of it.

If you have an Internet environment at home.

You can study at home, watching videos and downloading all the lectures.
Then you can study freely on the train on your way to work the next day.

Download what you can, and make sure to save up your traffic.

Easier to understand than audio alone

分かりやすい文章を書くためのたったひとつのさえたやりかた:『数学文章作法』のレビュー|Colorless Green Ideas

Video lectures are easy to understand and include slides.

If you use only audio, there will definitely be times when it is difficult to understand.

You can download the slides, so there is no problem, but I think it is difficult to display the slides yourself on your phone.

In the video, the lecturer points to the whiteboard while explaining, but not in the audio, so if you expect only the audio, you may have trouble understanding the lecture.

Onsoku downloads are the result.

Onsoku cannot do video, but it can do audio and slides.

However, with the Mystream downloader, you can download onsoku lecture videos, and by using the Mystream downloader, you can create an environment where you can learn while reducing your own traffic consumption.

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