Is it safe to download on Supjav? Summary of how to safely download Supjav videos

| Published on Jun 21, 2022| 3 Minutes Reading
Have you ever used sujav, a free site offering adult videos? Today, I want to talk about what you need to know about supjav downloads.

Have you ever used sujav, a free site offering adult videos? Today I want to talk about what you need to know about sujav downloads.

Illegal advertisements are automatically displayed within Supjav, and most of them are fake ads of well-known companies.

The fake ads lead to fraudulent activities and fictitious billing.

Below is an example.

A fake ad for Adobe's FreshPlayer is proudly used within Supjav. Of course, they do not have any permission from Adobe.

Therefore, it is unsafe to download with sujav.

However, it is possible to safely download Supjav videos using other tools.

In this article, for your safety and security, we will summarize safe Supjav download tools.

Safe Supjav Download Tool 1: MyStream Downloader

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MyStream Downloader is a very popular downloader that allows you to download videos from over 200 sites including Netflix, HBO, Disney+, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Paramount, Chrunchyroll, Funimation, Discovery Plus, U-Next, and many more. It is a very popular downloader that allows you to download videos from more than 200 sites, including Pronhub, rrnhub, and more.

It also offers more than 50 adult-oriented services such as Pronhub,, FANZA, VJAV, and sujav.

The download method is also quite convenient.

How to use: 1.

  1. Install MyStream Downloader on your PC.
  2. Launch MyStream Downloader and click [Paste URL] in the upper right corner of the homepage.

  1. Enter the URL of the sujav video in the Paste box.
  2. Click "Download" to start downloading the sujav video.

Safe Supjav Download Tool 2: Video Getter

Video Getter is a kind of extension for Google Chrome. You do not need to install it if you have a computer. It is easy to install, and since it is written in Japanese, even those who are not confident in their language skills can easily install it. It is also easy to use as it detects embedded videos on the website and allows you to download them.

How to use

  1. First, install the software using Google Chrome or FireFox.

After installation is complete, the icon should appear as shown below. This is the icon of the video getter.

Next, go to Supjav and access the video you would like to download. Then a number will appear on the video getter icon as shown in the following capture.

  1. Note the upper right corner. At this stage, the number "2" appears because you have accessed two contents.
  2. Click on the video getter icon with the number, and a screen similar to the one below should appear. Bring the cursor to the frame of the video you want to download and click on it, and the download will start automatically.

Safe Supjav Download Tool 3: TUBE8

TUBE8 is a free video download site. The site itself offers adult videos (mainly Western adult videos).

How to use

  1. Go to https://supjav.comからダウンロードしたい動画にURLをコピーします. Copy the full URL
  2. Coppie the URL in the serch input on the site and press the "Search or Download" button to start downloading.

At the end.

Currently, there are only three supjav download tools available: the three mentioned above. We recommend Mystream downloader, which is the safest. Please give it a try.

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