Illustrated instructions for downloading TOKYO-HOT videos!

| Published on Aug 16, 2022| 5 Minutes Reading
In this article, we will provide illustrated instructions on how to download TOKYO-HOT videos. We will also introduce the important basics of download restrictions to avoid making mistakes with Tokyo-Hot TOKYO-HOT.

TOKYO-HOT is an uncensored adult site that offers a variety of humiliating adult titles.

All works are extreme and popular among those who want to enjoy intense and violent adult videos.

In this article, we will provide illustrated instructions on how to download Tokyo-Hot TOKYO-HOT videos.

In addition, we will introduce the important basics of download restrictions and tricks to avoid making mistakes in Tokyo-Hot Tokyo-Hot.

What kind of site is TOKYO-HOT?

TOKYO-HOT is the largest uncensored adult site for rape and humiliation. The movies are completely filmed and distributed only on TOKYO-HOT.

The word "Ryo-shin" means "humiliation" or "violent" in Japanese, and the site offers a lot of contents with extreme play styles.

Below are the contents you can enjoy on TOKYO-HOT.

  • Thorough Rape and Humiliation Movie
  • Oni (devil) video
  • Demon videos

Thorough Rape and Humiliation Videos

In Thoroughly Rape and Humiliation Videos, you can enjoy quite extreme contents such as deep-throating, cocksucking, endless squirting, pussy drilling, and large orgies.

If you have a heart for humiliation, you will enjoy thoroughly Tokyo Heat's adult contents.

Oni no Karei Video

In the "Oni Deai Movie" section, you can enjoy fainting, blowing bubbles, white eyes, continuous climaxes, screaming climaxes, and many more.

You will be able to enjoy the movies in which the actresses are turned by so many actors that there is not an actress who does not cry.

Demon Videos

In the devil videos, you can enjoy many devil videos such as anal rape, continuous Nakadashi (Nakadashi), penetration, long and torture, and so on.

You can enjoy the devilish adult videos that completely disregard your personality.

How to download Tokyo Fever movies

  1. After logging in, click on the list of actresses


  1. Click the first letter of the actress name.


  1. Click on the name of the actress


  1. Select the movie you want to watch



  1. Select the type of movie


  1. Click "Download" to start downloading


It's that easy! Download Restrictions

Many adult video sites have download restrictions, including "Tokyo-Hot Tokyo-Hot," which is recommended by our administrator, who is a demon and rape enthusiast.

The download limit of "Tokyo-etsu Tokyo-Hot" is as follows.

30-day member: 6GB/day
60-day member: 8GB/day
90-day member: 10GB/day
90 days: 10GB/day.

So the amount of videos you can download per day is fixed.

Some paid adult video sites allow unlimited downloads all day long, which may seem convenient at first glance, but it is not.
The access can become so concentrated that the site becomes heavy, and this can be a problem for all users.

Think about it, if a large number of members were downloading high-definition videos all at once, even the most capable server would be flat.
Even with unlimited downloads, the server might be so busy that not all members can download the videos, or it might take 4-5 hours to download a single video...

In order to avoid such a problem, we set a download limit to reduce the load on the server.

So how many videos can be downloaded per day with this download limit?

How much data is in one video?

On average, the quality of adult videos is 1500-2000 kbp, and 4000-5000 kbps for high-definition quality.

Since Kbps is difficult to understand, let's convert it to GB, which is familiar to everyone.
If it is a high quality movie, it will be about 2 GB.

With a 30-day subscription to Tokyo Hot, you can download 3 hours of high-definition movies, and with a 90-day subscription, you can download 5 hours.

That's enough to enjoy!

If you can watch videos with ease instead of having a download limit, it means that it is more comfortable than unlimited downloads.

DRM Restrictions

Many pay-per-view adult video sites protect their copyrights by setting up DRM protection.

In this case, the videos are subject to restrictions such as an expiration date, or if you leave the site, you will not be able to play the videos you have downloaded until then.

The secret to downloading Tokyo Fever videos without restrictions

Actually, Mystream downloader makes an effort to download Tokyo Fever videos without any restrictions.

Mystream downloader is working hard to Finally, we have developed a technology that allows you to break DRM restrictions.

With Mystream Downloader, there is no limit to the amount of videos you can download, and the videos you download can be stored forever.

How to use Mystream Downloader

  1. Search for Sokmir in the search box at the top of the screen. Be sure to copy and paste the full URL of the official site.

  1. Execute the URL with the Enter button to open Seokmir in the built-in browser.

Log in with your account and open the video you purchased. Purchased videos are located in the "Purchase History" playback button to the left of the cart mark.

When you open a video, URL parsing will start automatically.

To download all videos at once, click "Start All"; to download videos one by one, click the triangle button (▶︎) next to the video. Downloaded videos will be stored in the "Downloads" tab.


We recommend using Mystream Downloader instead of downloading videos from the official "Tokyo-Hot" website.

This strategy allows you to enjoy "Tokyo-Hot" videos at a reasonable price.

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