Learn how to download videos from the Teletext video site.

| Published on Jul 13, 2022| 5 Minutes Reading
Teresa Video is a service provided by TV Asahi for PCs, smartphones and other devices with excellent programs from its own affiliates. It is very convenient as it does not require membership registration or login. In this article, we will show you how to download videos from this Televisa site.

Television Asahi Video is a service that provides excellent programs from TV Asahi's own affiliates for PCs, smartphones, and other devices. On PCs, the service is compatible with Windows and Mac and can be viewed in a browser. On smartphones and tablets, the service is compatible with Android devices and iPhones/iPads, and can be viewed via an application or browser.

Teresa Video offers three types of services: (1) free "Teresa Catch-Up," (2) individually billed paid videos, and (3) monthly unlimited viewing packages.

Teletext Catch-Up is a free service that redistributes missed episodes of dramas, variety shows, hobby programs, etc., after they have finished airing.

It is very convenient as it does not require membership registration or login.

In this article, we will show you how to download videos from this Teletext site.

How to download works from the Teletext Video

So beheben Sie das Problem, dass M3U8-Videos nicht geladen werden können

Since many of the works on the Teletext site have DRM M3U8 encryption implemented and cannot be handled by regular downloaders, we recommend the "Mystream Downloader".

The reasons for this are as follows.

(1) Browser extensions cannot download programs from the telecasting site, and

(2) Screen recording software will degrade the quality of the original video.

(3) If the downloaded video file is encrypted with DRM M3U8 or other encryption, a reliable protection removal function is required.

Mystream downloader can make video files protected by DRM M3U8 encryption normal.

Features of Mystream Downloader

The software has the following features

  • It supports more than 200 video streaming sites.

Videos can be downloaded from more than 200 sites worldwide, including Netflix, Amazon,TELASA, as well as TV Asahi.

  • Unique selection of quality of downloaded videos

Video distribution sites and streaming services customarily determine the quality of streaming video based on the viewer's Internet connection speed and device. With this software, as long as the original video quality is high, users can select the download quality to 2160p, 1080p, 720p, or 480p, depending on their needs, such as smartphones or home theaters.

  • Ads can be removed from the original video.

Usually, free video streaming sites insert advertisements at the beginning or in the middle of video viewing. For those who can tolerate advertisements when watching online, but feel that they are indeed disturbing when they want to take their time to enjoy the downloaded video, the removal of advertisements will be a welcome feature.

  • Download all available subtitles

In order to cater to the needs of as diverse a user base as possible, you can download all available subtitles. Whether you need subtitles for the hearing impaired, subtitles for foreign films, etc., or Japanese subtitles, your audience's needs will vary. The designers of this software considered these needs during the design and development phase and made it possible to download all available subtitles and captions for a single video.

  • Fast downloading of many videos at once

Users of multiple video distribution sites tend to subscribe to a single site for a month of service and download content in a concentrated manner. To meet this need, downloading efficiency is a key usability factor for downloading large numbers of videos at once. Videos can be downloaded using the batch download mode of appropriate software.

  • Back up downloaded works as Blu-ray or ISO files.

To preserve your truly impressive works for a long time, you can use this software to burn downloaded MP4 or MKV videos to Blu-ray disc, HDD, or cloud.

Download TV Asahi videos with Mystream

Step 1

First, download and install the software from the website.

Step 2

Launch Mystream downloader.

Step 3

Enter the [https://www.tv-asahi.co.jp/ ] URL into the built-in browser to access TV Asahi.

You will need to log in to TV Asahi here, so you should have a TV Asahi account beforehand. After logging in, enter the TV Asahi page and search for programs.

Select the program you want to download and play the video in the browser in the software.

Step 4

Once playback begins, click the download button that appears in the upper left corner. Then select the desired quality and start downloading.

After a short wait, the download will be complete.

This is how to use Mystream Downloader.

Notes on downloading telecast videos

引越し業者はどう選ぶ?失敗しない業者選びからおすすめの業者までご紹介! | 工具男子新聞

Mystream Downloader makes it easy to download Telecosmos videos, but there is one special precaution to be taken.

That is, although it is legal to download Teletext videos, you must be careful not to share the downloaded videos with third parties without permission, as it may be against the law. Enjoy your Telecast videos within the bounds of the law.


Teresa Video is an excellent video site and has many excellent contents compared to other video sites. If you want to download that Teresa Video, you should still use a special software that allows you to download it with a single click. If you want to download Teletext videos, please try Mystream.

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