Recommended content and how to download content from ytv MyDo!

| Published on Jun 30, 2022| 5 Minutes Reading
ytv is a video distribution site that offers a full range of content. This article provides information about ytv and recommends the Mystream downloader software to download ytv videos.

ytv is a video distribution site that offers a full range of content. This article provides information about ytv and recommends the Mystream downloader software to download ytv videos.

Differences between Ytv and ytv MyDo!

ytv ( is the official website of Yomiuri TV, providing basic information such as ytv program listings and ytv news for fans of the station. Although Yomiuri Television is not a commercial key station, it is a talented station that has broadcast such masterpieces as "Detective Conan," "My Hero Academia," and "The Detective is Too Early. The current season 2 "Detective Ga Sukeru" is also well received. ytv provides program information as well as announcer blogs and information on challenge projects on You Tube to deepen interaction with its viewers.

ytv MyDo! is a service that offers free delivery of Yomiuri TV's missed dramas, movies, animations, music, sports and other videos on PCs, smartphones and tablet devices within the delivery period of each program.

Top 5 Recommended Movies on ytv MyDo!

The detective is too fast Spring Trick Return Festival


The fastest ever! The "detective who is too fast" is on the rampage again! No one dies! No one gets killed! Detect the slightest "discomfort" and anticipate the culprit! He will solve the "trick" that the criminal has not yet set up, and stop him! 100% crime defense rate! The fastest in history! Chikumagawa Hikaru is the fastest detective in history. And Ichika Tokawa, who will inherit a huge inheritance once again. The most dangerous assassins appear one after another, plotting to make Ichika's death look like an accident and steal the huge inheritance! Can Chikumagawa prevent the incident from happening and protect Ichika? The unpredictable "Spring Trick Return Festival" is about to begin! Riddles to solve! Comedy! And an unexpected love development! You won't be able to take your eyes off it for a second! A gripping comedy-mystery!

2. detective conan

#1048 "A Creepy Game of Red Sheep (Part 2)

While Kogoro is being swept up in the investigation of a fake kidnapping case involving a "red sheep game" to test his boyfriend's courage and affection, Conan and Ran run into a stuffed red sheep on the street at night. After the red sheep leaves, they find the body of Tetsuzaburo Wakabayashi, the owner and head chef of the restaurant "La Mucho. Conan and his friends visit the restaurant because it is the place where Ami Takigawa and her lover Ryota Beppu, who committed the fake kidnapping, work, and they think there is a connection. In the process of asking about their alibi, they are told that a video of a red sheep playing a prank on a couple and escaping was uploaded to a video site a couple of weeks ago and became a topic of conversation. In the meantime, the police who were searching Wakabayashi's house found a threatening e-mail on his computer and .......

3. secret kenmin show kyoku

The bottom power of Chiba nameko! Osaka Mysterious Little Shrimp Tempura & Aichi Kenmin Gold Loves!

Pounded and exquisite! Chiba's nameko mushrooms are different! The next day, it is transformed into a different dish! A lot of delicious dishes! Mysterious small shrimp tempura exists in Osaka Chinese cuisine! Fumin loves the mysterious salt! Aichi Kenmin loves golden color too much!


The Mommy's secret relationship with Sakai Jr. and Yuko Ogura!

When Junior calls out to Sakai, who is acting suspiciously, "Takashi! Junior called out to him, to which he replied with a puzzled "...J.". J," he replied, puzzled, "You're on a first-name basis with a scumbag comedian like that? Kenkova wonders, "You call him by his first name? The other day, The Mummy appeared on Anjush's show as the first guest since Watabe's return. How did you do? When Kenkova urged him to give his honest opinion, Sakai reported a shocking incident he had encountered on the day of recording. When he revealed his true feelings about the recording, Junior and Kenkova laughed hysterically. Junior and Kenkova laughed hysterically, "You're so candid! Takashi! Junior laughed.

5. Downtown DX

Yoshizumi Ishihara's Castle & Savannah Takahashi's Sauna... Too Much Hobby SP

Savannah Takahashi's sauna-filled villa

Yoshizumi Ishihara's love for castles and dams

Former NMB Akari Yoshida spends over 10 million yen on cosmetics

Toro Salmon Kubota's portrait of Hamada causes a commotion

DEEN Ikemori's Soba Noodles

About downloading videos from "ytv MyDo!

There are usually three ways to download content from video distribution sites.

(1) Using browser extensions

(2)Using screen recording software

(3) using a downloader.

Many of the titles on the ytv site use encryption and other technologies that normal download tools cannot handle.

For this reason, it is recommended to use MyStream Downloader to download ytv videos. Let me reiterate the reasons for this.

(1) Browser extensions cannot download programs from the ytv site.

(2) The quality of the original video recorded by screen recording software is degraded.

(3) The downloaded video files are protected by encryption such as DRM M3U8, so you need a reliable protection remover.

How to use MyStream Downloader

step1: Install Mystream

First, install and launch Mystream downloader on your computer using the link below.

Windows Free Download

 MAC Free Download

step2: Access Ytv site with Mystream

Enter "" in the search field at the top of Mystream downloader to access the official d-Anime Store website.

step3: Play and download videos

Click on the video you wish to download and play it.

Then the download installation screen will appear, and press [Download] to save it in mp4 format.

Mystream's batch download function

By the way, Mystream downloader's batch download function is very convenient.

How to use the batch download function: 1.

For each video you want to download, add it to the queue using "Add to Queue" in the download settings screen.

Once all videos are selected, click "Start All" under "Downloading" to batch download.


ytv is a video distribution site that offers a full range of content, just like NHK, GYAO, etc. For those who want to download ytv and other content without stress, we recommend a powerful software like "Mystream Downloader". Instead of ordinary streaming viewing, you can enjoy your favorite ytv programs anytime and anywhere with features such as content downloading, decoding, and format conversion to MP4/MKV.

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