[2022 Latest] How to record/save LIVESHIP live feeds!

| Published on Sep 22, 2022| 5 Minutes Reading
This article introduces LIVESHIP, which is provided by Amuse, Inc. It also explains specifically how to record/save LIVESHIP live broadcasts.

When LIVESHIP decides to stream your favorite artists live, you'll definitely want to attend!

But wouldn't it be a shame to see your favorite artist perform only once? If you record it and save it on your computer, you can watch it over and over again later.

Therefore, this article will explain how to record and save LIVESHIP's live performances and concerts. We hope you will use this article to further enjoy LIVESHIP's live streaming.


With the increase in the amount of time people spend at home due to self-restraint in going out, it has become more common in recent years to watch entertainment and theater performances online. LIVESHIP" is an online streaming service for live performances and concerts developed by the Amuse Group, a comprehensive entertainment company. You can enjoy performances by great artists at the highest quality of delivery. LIVESHIP" has taken on a variety of challenges, such as combining live audiences with online streaming and holding online events featuring actors and actresses, so that as many people as possible can enjoy the service. Also, chat and throwaway functions are available during the live-streaming.

Now, for those who are interested in using LIVESHIP, we will explain how to use LIVESHIP.

About Member Registration and Login

To use LIVESHIP, you need an A!-ID (e-mail address).

If you are not sure if you have an A!-ID, you can check here (https://id.amob.jp/mob/pageShw.php?site=AID&cd=aid_check).

If you do not have an A!-ID, please get one first.

How to get a new A!-ID

1. Access the official LIVESHIP website (https://liveship.tokyo/) and select "MYPAGE".

2. Select "New ID". Follow the steps on the screen.

After completing the membership registration, enter your A!-ID (e-mail address) and password to log in.

Purchase of Viewing Tickets

In principle, viewing tickets will not be sold out due to the live streaming. For the latest ticket information, you can check the LIVESHIP website or the official Twitter account.

Credit card and convenience store payments are available as payment methods. After completing the purchase procedure, you will receive a "Notice of Completion of Payment" e-mail to your A!-ID (e-mail address).

Please note that it is not possible to change the ticket type or cancel the viewing ticket after the ticket has been purchased.

How to watch

A fast and stable Internet connection is required to view live streaming on LIVESHIP.

Please note that due to the remote live-streaming, there may be video and audio disturbances and delays.

Recommended environment for video viewing
For Android, OS: Android OS 7.0 or higher, browser: the latest version of Chrome
For iOS, OS: iOS 13.0 or higher, browser: the latest version of Safari
For Windows, OS: Windows 10 or higher, browser: latest versions of Edge, Chrome, and Firefox
For Mac, OS: Mac OS 10.13 (High Sierra) or higher, browser: latest versions of Safari, Chrome, and Firefox

Please note that we have confirmed problems with iPhone6s, iPhone7, and iPhoneSE 1st generation (released in 2016), so please refrain from viewing on the above devices.

How to record LIVESHIP

As mentioned earlier, there are some inconvenient aspects of LIVESHIP live streaming.

  • It requires a fast and stable Internet connection.
  • There is a possibility of video and audio distortion and delays
  • Can only be viewed using a browser
  • Not compatible with iPhone6s, iPhone7, iPhoneSE 1st generation (released in 2016)

So, is there a better way to watch? If we could record LIVESHIP live feeds, we would be able to watch them anytime, anywhere on our favorite devices.

Unfortunately, however, LIVESHIP does not offer recording capabilities. Therefore, you will need specialized recording software.

Here we recommend MyStream recording software.

Advantages of MyStream Recording Software

MyStream is a powerful recording software that can record not only LIVESHIP, but also all online live-streaming services such as Z-aN, ASOBISTAGE, mediable, SHOWROOM, etc. It is a powerful recording software that can record all live streaming services.

<Click here for more information.

A complete explanation of the video streaming service "Z-aN"--including how to record a live stream!

What is ASOBISTAGE? What is ASOBISTAGE and how to record it?

  • MyStream can record LIVESHIP live streaming up to 4K UHD resolution and EAC3 5.1 audio.
  • It is also possible to record while watching a LIVESHIP live stream.
  • Recorded video can be played back smoothly, with no video or audio distortion or delay due to line speed!

How to record LIVESHIP using MyStream

Let's take a look at the procedure for screen recording with MyStream, with images.

⇩Go to MyStream's official website and download the recording software for free.

⇩Start MyStream. Type the LIVESHIP link (https://liveship.tokyo/) in the address bar of the built-in web browser and press "Enter" key.

⇩Log in with MYPAGE and check your purchased viewing tickets.

⇩Go to the delivery viewing page and play the live feed.

⇩As playback begins, a pop-up window for recording will automatically appear. Select the desired quality and sound quality and press "Download Now". Recording will be done automatically, so enjoy the live performance first.


So far, we have explained how to record and save LIVESHIP live performances and concerts. We hope this article will help you enjoy LIVESHIP's live streaming even more. The MyStream recording software introduced in this article is a powerful recording software that supports not only LIVESHIP but also other online live-streaming services, so why not try it?

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