How to Watch and Download TNT Videos?

| Published on Nov 03, 2022| 5 Minutes Reading
If you are seeking for viewing the alienist on TNT offline, this article can help you know more about TNT and how to download TNT shows safely.

TNT, to some extent, is not a streaming website like Netflix or Disney Plus; rather, it is a cable network. TNT is home to a large number of first-run series and films. You may also watch the most recent NBA episodes on TNT if basketball is your favorite sport to watch on television.

What Does TNT Stand for?

People, who know TNT for the first time would naturally ask "What does TNT stand for?” In fact, TNT stands for Turner Network Television.


TNT was launched with the purpose of providing additional airtime for the numerous reruns of historic television episodes and movies that Turner Broadcasting still retained the rights to screen on TBS. This was the network's original mission.

Since June 2001, the majority of the programming that has been broadcast on the network has been dramatic television shows and movies, with some sports programming thrown in here and there.

What Are Some Popular TNT Shows?

There are a lot of shows on TNT that are worth your time, especially the network's original shows. TNT will unquestionably provide you with a distinctively new viewing experience.

The Alienist has a well-developed storyline, excellent acting from all of the cast members, and recounts the tale of a man who is on the hunt for a serial killer. If you enjoy suspenseful dramas, you shouldn't miss out on this one.

TNT Shows

What do you think about watching anything that relates to the sisterhood? A popular television show on TNT called Charmed portrays the story of the love and turmoil that occurs between three sisters who have witchcraft.

You may also watch cutting-edge plays that are based on historical events on TNT, such as Will. This play portrays the narrative of young Shakespeare's tribulations in the theaters of London, showcasing his brilliant talent and his aspirations.

How Can I Watch TNT?

As I mentioned above, TNT is a cable network. If you want to watch it, you have to watch it via participating TV providers that have the service TNT, such as AT&T and DIRECTV. The steps are easy.

  • First, you may click the sign-in button after downloading the TNT app on your TV.
  • Second, launch the TNT and you will see the activation code.
  • Third, launch an internet browser on your phone or computer, and enter the address displayed in the address bar on the TV. Then, choose a TV device to continue.
  • Fourth, input the activation code and select “Next”.
  • Finally, choose the TV provider that you have and log into your account credentials.

With the above 5 steps, you can enjoy TNT shows and movies on your big screen anytime you want.

Can I Watch TNT Shows without Cable Network?

Purchasing a cable package that incorporates TNT can be rather expensive and is not exactly user-friendly.

Is a subscription to a cable service necessary in order to watch episodes on TNT? The good news is that it is feasible to enjoy programming on TNT without having to conform one's viewing habits to the restrictions imposed by cable television.


The streaming services that are offered by third parties have the potential to be helpful. In addition, if you are a first-time user of their platforms, there is a possibility that some of them will offer you a free trial version of their service.

For example, you may watch TNT by purchasing a subscription to the Hulu Live bundle. This subscription costs $69.99 per month and grants you access to TNT in addition to more than 70 other television channels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about TNT.

Is TNT Free on Roku?

There is no cost associated with installing TNT on Roku. You will, however, be required to pay a monthly price to TNT in order to access the high-quality programming that is made available on Roku.

In addition, if you decide you no longer want to watch TNT on Roku, you can terminate your subscription at any time.

Can I watch TNT when I am not in the United States?

Customers of TV providers in the United States who also subscribe to TNT will be the only ones to have access to the service. Hence, it is difficult for you to watch TNT shows if you are not in the United States.

What channel is TNT on DirecTV?

Now, you can watch TNT on DirecTV via channel 245.

How to Download TNT Videos for Offline Viewing?

You need a downloader if you want to be able to view your favorite TNT episodes, movies, and other content offline on any of your devices.

You are strongly encouraged to make use of MyStream TNT Downloader rather than any alternative. With the assistance of this remarkable downloader, you are able to store TNT shows on your personal computer, after which you can move them to any other device and watch them anytime you like.


You'll be able to save videos from more than 100 different websites to your computer if you use the MyStream Downloader program. It is compatible with a large number of over-the-top services, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and CW, among many others.

It is fair to say that MyStream is your best batch downloader of choice because it is the best one available. It allows for the downloading of videos in batches at lightning-fast speeds while maintaining excellent quality (1080p).

The steps to use MyStream to download TNT shows

Step 1: Launch your MyStream TNT Downloader after you download it to your smartphone or computer.

Step 2: Paste the URL of the video that you want to download.

Step 3: When the analysis of the URL is finished, just select the "download now" button

The whole process of downloading a TNT show can be finished in several minutes.


As a cable Network, TNT brings lots of shows and movies to its audience. And sports fans can also find their loved NBA videos on TNT. Generally, you have to link TNT to your TV provider.

But you can also stream TNT via some streaming platforms. Hulu is a good example.

Want to download TNT videos? MyStream TNT Downloader can be your best downloader available. After reading this article, you are able to watch and download TNT shows as you like.

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