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| Published on Aug 11, 2022| 5 Minutes Reading
LAXD Market is a service that allows users to post and enjoy a variety of digital content, including "videos" and "photo collections". This article describes the safety of LAXD, its relationship with FC2, and how to download LAXD videos.

LAXD Market is a service for posting and enjoying various digital contents such as "videos" and "photo books".

I took some photos and I want everyone to read them! I have taken a video, but I want more people to see it! This service is designed to make your wishes come true.

We have a system that automatically generates e-books (PDF format) by simply uploading multiple images. Submitted content is also compatible with smartphones (iPhone, Android).

Safety of LAXD

LAXD has been separated from the FC2 content market.

Video sales on FC2 now require identification of the performer and a filming and sales permit, and products that cannot be presented have been moved to LAXD.

As for operation, it is the same as FC2, so there is no problem regarding payment.

Therefore, there seems to be no problem with safety and the way the videos are viewed.

It is safe...!

Also, when we hear that LAXD handles adult content, we are concerned about whether there is any video content that violates child pornography laws.

Although we cannot say that there is no such content 100%, it is safe to assume that there is basically no such content.

However, downloading video content that violates child pornography laws is a violation, so if you find child pornography on a website, please be careful not to download it.

What is the difference between LAXD and FC2? Usage?

As the title says, let's look at the differences between LAXD and FC2 here.

The main difference is in the way the posted video content is distributed.

FC2 videos are being migrated to LAXD!

As mentioned earlier, posting to FC2 requires the presentation of identification and permission slips.

However, some contributors (vendors) do not present them, and video content that does not will be distributed by LAXD.

Although content posted to FC2 is also linked to LAXD, we can assume that content that does not meet FC2's regulations (presentation) is viewed by LAXD.

The specifications for both are nearly identical.

The LAXD site is operated in the same way as FC2, so safety and usability are not much different from FC2.

If you are familiar with FC2, you will be able to use LAXD without much hesitation.

Basically, the process is the same as shopping, where users purchase and browse contents sold in the "LAXD Market," so even first-time users can use the site as if it were an e-commerce site.

(Admission of adult content is restricted.)

Why was LAXD created?

Why was LAXD created like FC2?

The exact reason is unknown, but one possible reason is image restoration.

FC2 has had several cases in the past where people were arrested for posting uncensored or obscene videos.

As a result, some people have the impression that FC2 is an illegal adult site with a history of arrests.

Since it is difficult to overturn such an image once it has been established, it is believed that the intention is to establish the image of a clean site by operating a new site called LAXD while continuing the operation of FC2.

How to Download LAXD

I am having trouble playing back videos on LAXD Video, so I tried to download the videos, but the download failed. Is there an application that can play videos on the Internet without downloading them? Yes, there is.

MyStream Ad ult Downloader is the best way to download LAXD videos. Mystream Adult Downloader can download online videos from over 200 videos and music. Able to download and save online videos from sharing sites at high speed, MyStream supports most TV streaming services, providing a great solution for users to download and watch live TV offline.

In this article, we will use MyStream Adult Downloader to download LAXD videos.

Step 1: Install the software

First, download the software from the official MyStream page or by clicking the "Free Download" button above. No other complicated operations are required, and an installation wizard will appear automatically after you click download. On the installation screen, click "Quick Install" and follow the wizard to complete the installation.

Step 2: Activate License

After installation, launch the software. Before you can use the downloader features, you will need to activate it by entering your MyStream account and password.

Step 3: Enter the link

The software supports automatic detection of LAXD video streams, so you can paste the URL and open the video page to load the source video. Here are two methods.

Method 1.

Launch the software and open it to the Home screen. The home screen has a dedicated address bar. Paste the URL of the LAXD site you have previously copied into the address bar and click on the search icon to display the link in the built-in browser.

Once on the LAXD site, you can select from a variety of adult video genres. Click on your favorite av video to enter the video page.

Method 2.

Leave MyStream Downloader running. Then, copy the URL of your favorite LAXD video and return to the home screen of the software; once the LAXD video link is automatically detected, the "Paste URL to Download" screen will appear at the home.

Please note that although Method 2 is more efficient, it does not support batch downloading, as it requires you to enter the URL of a specific video, not the URL of the LAXD video site.

Step 4: Download the video with the LAXD Downloader

Once you enter the LAXD video page by pasting the link, the video stream will be detected automatically and you can also choose the video resolution from 360P to 2160P, depending on the quality of the source video. Besides, you can also set audio and subtitle tracks according to your preference.

Step 5: Start downloading

Finally, press "Download" to run the LAXD download task. The progress of the task, including download speed and remaining time, can be viewed in the library.

As for the download function, not only is the processing speed and download speed fast, but also background downloading is supported.


These are just a few of the many ways in which LAXD is attractive. How about you, was it easy for you to understand? If you have any questions, please do yourself a favor. In particular, if you want to download LAXD videos but don't know how to do it, please try MyStream downloader. We hope this article will be of help to you.

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