Why Manga Bank was closed! We put together a list of sites to replace it.

| Published on Jul 08, 2022| 3 Minutes Reading
Manga Bank, one of the largest free manga sites in Japan after the closure of Manga Village. The site is so popular that no one who is a manga fanatic knows about it, but it was abruptly closed in 2021. We will introduce a comprehensive list of sites where you can currently view manga for free, and explain the reasons for Manga Bank's closure and the safety of similar sites.

For those of you who love manga, have you ever heard of a website called Manga Bank? This was a site where you could view manga for free, but unfortunately it has already been closed and is no longer accessible.

Mangabank was one of the largest free manga sites in Japan, second only to Mangamura, and was abruptly shut down in November of last year, presumably due to copyright infringement. Most of these free sites are uploaded to the Internet without proper permission from the publishers, making it difficult for them to operate sustainably.

In this article, we will introduce a list of successor sites to MangaBank and explain the safety of similar sites.

Rawkuma, a free manga site that can replace MangaBank

Rawkuma is one of the well-known foreign manga sites in Japan. Although the notation is in English, most of the titles are written in Roman characters, so reading them should not be a problem.

You can also search for works by entering the name of the work in the search box at the top of the screen.

The site is quite popular because of the frequency of updates and the wide range of genres available.

nikaraw, a free manga site that replaces Manga Bank

nikaraw is a free manga site that replaces manga bank. nikaraw is believed to be the former manga11, which changed its name and is operated by the same team. manga11 is, needless to say, the most famous free manga site, so it has a full lineup of works. The Japanese-language titles and popularity rankings will help you find your favorite manga quickly and easily.

Popular manga, a free manga site that can replace Manga Bank

Popular manga is another free manga site that offers a collection of manga serials and popular works, and although it has fewer works than nikaraw, you can search by alphabetical order, look back through your browsing history, and read comments from other users.

13DL, a free manga site that can replace manga bank

Most free manga sites are online, but 13DL is a site that downloads compressed files such as zip in bulk. You can also download manga weeklies such as Weekly Shonen Manga by issue. This site is perfect for those who want to save a lot of manga at once or download long-format works in bulk. It is also quite convenient, as it offers compressed files in different formats and broken link reports.

However, be careful when downloading, being fully aware of viruses and scam sites.

Cautions for Using Free Manga Sites

As mentioned in the previous section, most of the free manga sites are overseas sites and are written in English, so it is quite possible that you may be sent to a strange site by accidentally clicking on a pop-up advertisement. So, what should you be careful about when using such sites?

Risk of computer infection with viruses

Since these sites are operated for free, advertisements are bound to appear. It cannot be said that there is no risk of your computer becoming infected with a virus by clicking on a pop-up advertisement. Minimize the risk by using extreme caution when browsing or installing software that can detect viruses in advance.

Leakage of personal information

In most cases, membership registration is required for video and manga content distribution services, but there have been a number of crimes in which users are induced to enter their personal information under the guise of membership registration. The leaked information may lead to the identification of the individual, and the individual may be subject to fictitious billing or other damage. The sites introduced in this article do not require membership registration, so be sure not to trust any billing you do not remember.

Use legitimate sites, too.

In fact, it is possible to read manga for free by taking advantage of promotions and discounts at e-bookstores and other manga distribution sites. In addition to your own safety, you will also be able to enjoy high-resolution images, special offers, extra features, and other content that you would not be able to enjoy on illegal sites.


We have summarized the sites where you can enjoy manga for free after the closure of MangaBank, as well as points to keep in mind when using these sites. However, there is a possibility that pirate sites will eventually be closed again, so enjoy manga only as a temporary measure, and at your own risk.

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