A summary of alternative manga sites to manga11 and their safety.

| Published on Nov 21, 2022| 3 Minutes Reading
With the closure of the very popular free manga site manga 11, what do you recommend for a successor site and what should we be aware of when using a free manga site?

With the closure of the very popular free manga site manga 11, what do you recommend for a successor site and what should we be aware of when using a free manga site?

What kind of site is manga11?

manga11 is an international site that allows you to browse a wide range of manga online without having to download them. It is illegal to say the least, but it must have had many users from all over the world, since it also carried Jump works and comics for adults, such as One Piece and The Promised Neverland, which are very popular even overseas.

However, it is now closed and unavailable. This article introduces alternative sites and points to keep in mind when using such sites.

Manga Site Hamiraw

Hamiraw is probably the most well-known of the free manga sites that are currently in operation, and there is a theory that they are the same operator, since entering the URL of Manga11 automatically takes you to the Hamiraw site. Incidentally, the name has now been changed to "Nikaraw.

The home page displays manga covers and Japanese titles, making it easy for those who are not good at English to search for manga titles. There are also some adult-oriented contents.

Basically, it is an easy-to-use site, but there is a possibility that you may inadvertently click on pop-up ads, so be careful to distinguish them when you use the site.

Popular manga

Popular manga is another site that lists manga serials and popular manga, although it has fewer titles than Hamiraw. You can also read comments from other users.


13DL. NET is a collection site where you can download compressed files such as manga and novels. The files are categorized by genre in Japanese, so it is possible to download several volumes at once. Since compressed files come in a variety of formats, the site also kindly provides information on the differences and recommendations for each format.

However, since you are not browsing online, you cannot avoid the risk of viruses and broken links that may accompany downloading.

It may be a good idea to use the above sites according to your own objectives.

Cautions for Pirate Sites

We would like to introduce you to several more sites that are successors to Haniraw, but unfortunately, there are very few services that allow you to read manga for free compared to videos, and even if a work is uploaded for a period of time, it will most likely be closed down and inaccessible sooner or later. The damage of copyright infringement by piracy is becoming more serious every year, and it may be inevitable.

Now I would like to explain the precautions and safety when using free overseas sites.

Risk of computer infection with viruses

This is a matter of course, but since the sites are operated for free, advertisements are always present. Especially on these illegal sites, there is no risk of your computer being infected with a virus if you accidentally click on a pop-up ad. Minimize the risk by using extreme caution when browsing or installing software that can detect viruses.

Leakage of personal information

In most cases, membership registration is required for video and manga content distribution services, but there have been a number of crimes in which users are induced to enter their personal information under the guise of membership registration. The leaked information may lead to the identification of the individual, and the individual may become a victim of fictitious billing or other fraudulent activity. Do not trust any billing that you do not remember.

Use legitimate sites

In fact, it is possible to read manga for free on legitimate manga distribution sites, such as e-book stores, by taking advantage of campaigns and discounts. Manga Kingdom, a major manga site, for example, offers a free trial period and a campaign in which you can buy points and get them back, so in some cases it is practically free. In addition to your own safety, you will also be able to use contents that you cannot enjoy on illegal sites, such as high quality images, special offers, and extra features, so you will not lose anything. Everyone has the desire to support works they like or are interested in, so in the end, it may be best to use a proper e-book store.


We have summarized the points to keep in mind when using Hamiraw and other sites so that you can enjoy manga for free after manga11 closes. However, this is only a temporary measure, as pirate sites may eventually close down again. Please enjoy your manga with the understanding that you do so at your own risk.

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