How to Get a Netflix Student Discount?

| Published on Mar 25, 2022| 5 Minutes Reading
Students don’t earn generally, so at many websites there are some student discounts. So, in this article, we will try to know whether Netflix offer any Student Discounts or not

Students don’t earn generally, so at many websites there are some student discounts. So, in this article, we will try to know whether Netflix offer any Student Discounts or not

Netflix provides you with a host of shows, movies and content that are pretty unique. Everyone wants a piece in the pie of Netflix and the unlimited shows it offers to catch the eyeballs of the young generation. Fortunately, Netflix does provide a very decent plan based subscription offer. It does not have any student discount feature as of now.

So the answer to the question, Does Netflix offer a student discount is No. But there are ways to twist How Netflix can be subscribed to by students. Student Netflix discounts might not exist, but tips to cut down your plan usage does. So hop on the ride where this piece tells you How you as a student can save some bucks and watch quality content off of Netflix.

Does Netflix have a student discount?

The simple answer to this is no. Netflix is raging with content. The content they put out is extremely diverse and it relates to a lot of people. But, they are far deep into the streaming business. They don’t find it to woo students or for that matter anyone with discounts. So Netflix student discount or Netflix college discount does not exist.

Tricks just as Netflix student discount

Netflix generally works extremely well, when you get multifarious access to many accounts. If you pay up and get access to many screens, fortunately, you can split the cost. It’s a fantastic way to sort of cut your expenses and share the money. You can simply take up a plan that gives you access to a more content base and then you can simply stream your favorite shows without facing any type of hindrance.

Just make sure, your friend pays your half at the end of the month. Nowadays there are automated apps that share the billing process and automatically renew payments every other month, that way you can track if any family member or a friend paid for the subscription or not.

How to get a Netflix student discount?

So, technically speaking there is nothing such as a Netflix student discount that exists. To avail of student discounts, you have to find other techniques to extract the free money out from Netflix or just find ways to share the plan price.

Choose Basic plan

To access Netflix and not want to shell a lot of extra money out of your pocket, it’s better to opt for the basic plan. The basic plan is fairly simple and is simply devoid of any extra complications. In this plan, you will gain a standard 720p HD quality and one screen. It’s different from the next plan which is a standard that allows screen sharing. If money is not an issue, choose the standard plan and make multiple profiles in your account so that family members can have their own space while accessing content off of Netflix.

Search for Netflix college discount or student Netflix groups on social media

It’s very important to scrape up every bit of hope when looking for offers and discounts. See, the Internet is like a communication medium for many people. It’s a community for like-minded individuals where they share, ideate and find balance for their ideas. In these forums, you often find people, especially in Facebook groups, people looking for others who want to be part of the advanced plan as it offers screen sharing, which then lessens the price automatically.

Cancel your subscription when you do not need

The best thing about Netflix is people always have the choice of when to cut off and when to continue with the plans. Simply, use the download feature and download all the available data on the app. Make sure that you download all the files that you need and then watch them in your free time without hindrance. Once you are done with all the viewing material, all you need to do is start the subscription again. You can use it as per sufficiency and without facing any issues.

Look for other alternatives to replace Netflix student discount

Many people are pretty sure about this that Netflix offers a wide variety of content. The best thing about Netflix is there is so much variety in its content and now Netflix has so much original content for us to watch. Those shows will only be available on Netflix. We cannot watch those shows on other platforms.

If we want a student discount numerous other platforms do offer student discounts. Off the top of my head, there is always Amazon Prime, Hulu, Youtube premium and Paramount + which are quite in an amazing form.

Out of all of them, Amazon Prime gives you access to a host of services including music, free shipping and other facilities of the prime subscription. Here are the types of offers that these streaming platforms provide.

  • Amazon Prime as anticipated is an amazing streaming service, it allows students to have free shipping, music and other services.
  • Youtube Premium allows students to watch all youtube videos without any interference of ads.
  • Hulu and Spotify + have a duo offering. You do not get any Hulu subscription. But if you register on Spotify premium, you automatically get a Hulu subscription.
  • Under student discount, the Paramount plus streaming service offers students to watch content off of their platforms that are part of the basic plan.

You can also look for other streaming services like Vudu and Crackle that typically run on ads. Their revenue subsistence model is based on ads, so technically they won’t ask you for money. And, they are good alternatives when compared to Netflix for students.

How to Download Movies from Netflix?

Netflix subscriptions are costly for students. So, the ways mentioned above are good to try. Moreover, it is even better that you take the plan for a month, and download 100s of movies from Netflix in that period, and later keep watching even after the Netflix subscription ends.

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When we are talking about downloading movies or shows from Netflix, I would like to mention my favorite downloader, Mystream Netflix Downloader. You just have to download it, and go to the UI. Now, click Netflix, and then locate the show or movie you want to download. Then click download, and your download will be started. As simple as that!

Features of MyStream Downloader:

  • Batch download
  • Fast download
  • Subtitles download
  • Videos are downloaded in MP4 - the most compatible format
  • In-built browser that lets you play movies right there in the software UI

Both of these downloaders are available for free and paid too. It is obvious that you will get more in premium but the price is very less which is great.

Final thoughts

Frankly speaking, Netflix has kind of shielded its heart by giving things free of cost. Since they are pulling in audiences without these free services, they simply do not want to spend money. However, with a little trick you might not have to switch Netflix, you can simply use it rather than swapping it for another streaming service.

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