How to Fix Playon Amazon Not Working?

| Published on Nov 01, 2022| 5 Minutes Reading
PlayOn lets you record videos from several OTT platforms. Is your PlayOn Amazon not working? Read this guide to learn how to fix PlayOn Amazon and enjoy endless entertainment.

PlayOn is a popular DVR service that records videos from streaming services like Amazon, Netflix, Peacock, Disney+, and more. PlayOn Cloud is a mobile app that allows you to record and download videos from different streaming services via your device. However, sometimes you may find PlayOn Amazon not working.

There are several reasons your PlayOn Amazon or PlayOn Amazon Fire TV is acting up. You may insert your correct username and password but still get asked for PlayOn Amazon Additional Validation. If security software is installed on your device, it can block Amazon PlayOn from recording videos.


How to Record Videos From Prime Video with PlayOn

Amazon Prime Video offers a variety of entertainment options, including movies, series, and documentaries. However, there is one glitch. Your favorite movies don’t stay forever on Amazon Prime Video. In that case, you may want to use PlayOn Amazon and record videos from Amazon Prime Video. You can record videos via PlayOn Amazon on your Android and iOS device.

Record videos with PlayOn Amazon on Android or iOS device

Here’s how to record videos with Amazon PlayOn on your Android or iOS device:

  • Install PlayOn Cloud App from the App Store or Play Store.
  • Next, create a free account. You can get five recording credits if you opt for a free trial.
  • Next, launch PlayOn on your device and go to the Channels Tab to select Amazon Prime Video.


  • Then insert your login credentials to open Amazon Prime Video. Once you have opened the app, click on the video you want to play.

Amazon Prime Video

  • Lastly, hit the record button to record your favorite show's episode(s) with PlayOn Amazon. You can find the videos in the Recordings tab.

Once your videos are recorded, you can watch them on your device or cast them to your TV using PlayOn Amazon Fire TV. The recorded videos with Amazon PlayOn can also be transferred to your iPad, iPhone, or Android Phone.

You can also install PlayOn on your Desktop to convert your PC into a video recorder. With PlayOn Desktop PC App Amazon, you can record videos from streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and more.

PlayOn Desktop PC App Amazon works like a cable DVR. PlayOn Amazon runs in the background and records videos from streaming services. The videos recorded via PlayOn Desktop PC App Amazon can be transferred to your mobile device in the MP4 format or cast onto the TV via Amazon Fire TV PlayOn.

Record and cast videos with PlayOn Amazon Fire TV

Amazon App Store has a new addition: the PlayOn Amazon Fire TV app. Amazon Fire TV PlayOn lets you cast your favorite shows on Fire TV via your smartphone or PC.

 Amazon Fire TV

Here’s how to use PlayOn Amazon Fire TV:

  • Install PlayOn on your Desktop, connect your PC to the PlayOn Server, and follow the instructions for Fire TV PlayOn in the Quick Guide.
  • Next, select any video from Netflix or HBO Max and record it using PlayOn Home App.
  • Once the recording is completed, tap on the Cast button and select Fire TV from the list of media players to stream via Amazon Fire TV PlayOn.

PlayOn Prime Video Not Working

PlayOn Amazon offers an ad-free solution to stream content from different streaming services. However, there are times when you find PlayOn Amazon not working. There may be several reasons for PlayOn Amazon not working, including a problem with the PlayOn Amazon server, poor internet connection, an outdated PlayOn App, etc.

PlayOn Amazon server problem

You may find PlayOn Amazon not working because of a server problem. In that case, all you can do is wait for the PlayOn Amazon Prime not working server to become functional again. You can visit the PlayOn social media handle on Facebook to find out whether the PlayOn Amazon issue has been solved.

Poor Internet connection

PlayOn Amazon not working issue can also be caused by a poor internet connection. PlayOn requires a strong internet connection to record videos from different streaming services and solve the issue of PlayOn Amazon Prime not working.

Outdated PlayOn Amazon app

Users may find PlayOn Amazon vod not working when they have an outdated PlayOn Amazon App. An outdated PlayOn app lacks the latest features, resulting in its failure to record videos. PlayOn not recording Amazon videos can also be because of an outdated app.

How to Fix PlayOn Prime Video Not Working

When you find PlayOn Amazon not working, try to solve the PlayOn Amazon issue of account, or delete and reinstall PlayOn to solve the problem of PlayOn Amazon vod not working. You can also contact the PlayOn support center to eliminate the issue of the PlayOn Amazon video not working.

Solve PlayOn Amazon account issue

You may find your PlayOn Amazon not working because of a problem with your PlayOn account. When you see PlayOn not recording Amazon, a dialog box requesting you to go for PlayOn Amazon Additional Validation may appear on the screen.

Try the following method to solve the PlayOn Amazon issue with your account:

  • Go to and sign into your account using your login credentials.
  • Next, navigate to account settings and tap on Login and Security.
  • Tap the Edit button beside the Advanced Security option under the Login and Security section.
  • Lastly, select the Get Started option to enable verification.

After following these steps to solve PlayOn Amazon not working, pay attention to the tips below:

  • Navigate to the PlayOn Cloud app and go to Channel Settings.
  • Next, open the Amazon channel and make a login attempt. A dialog box with ‘PlayOn Amazon Additional Validation’ will appear. Close the window.
  • Once you close the window, wait for the verification code by Amazon to be sent to your device.
  • Navigate to Amazon Channel again and enter your password with the verification code digits.

Following these steps, the issue of PlayOn Amazon not working will hopefully be solved.

Restart PlayOn Amazon

If you find PlayOn Amazon not working, you can try the age-old trick of restarting the app. You can launch PlayOn Home on your PC or PlayOn cloud on your smartphone to see if it works on these devices. If it starts working on your PC or phone, your issue of PlayOn not recording Amazon has been solved.

Contact PlayOn support center

Contacting the PlayOn support center can help you figure out why PlayOn Amazon video not working. You can stop and restart the server to create the customer service log for the support team. That will hopefully resolve the issue of PlayOn Amazon vod not working.

PlayOn Alternative: MyStream Downloader

If you have tried every fix but can't solve PlayOn Amazon not working, we have got you covered. With MyStream Amazon Downloader, you don't have to worry about PlayOn Amazon Prime not working. MyStream Amazon Downloader lets you download videos from Amazon Prime in 4K and superior audio quality.


The videos are downloaded from several OTT platforms like Netflix and Disney+ within minutes. You can save videos in MP4 format and transfer them to your smartphone to watch offline.


It's frustrating to find PlayOn Amazon not working on your PC or mobile device. An outdated app, login issues, or poor internet connection can be the reason why your PlayOn Amazon video not working.

With this guide, you can solve the issue by contacting the PlayOn support center, restarting the app, or enabling a verification code.

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