Helpful Tips on How to Successfully Get Pornhub on Roku

| Published on Apr 27, 2022| 10 Minutes Reading
Pornhub on Roku is disabled because they are non-certified channels and the platform does not allow launching or installing it


Pornhub on Roku is disabled because they are non-certified channels and the platform does not allow launching or installing it, since 23rd Feb 2022. Roku devices offer the entire family good entertainment but what about solo fun.

There is no ‘adult’ category available and there is no desired result when searched for on the Roku Channel Store. So, is there a way to watch porn on Roku? People prefer to watch Pornhub on Roku TV because it is much safer compared to a browser as there is no hidden Malware.  

Roku porn is present but not official. The tiny streaming box accommodates a good adult entertainment package. You just need to learn how to add Pornhub on Roku. All the X-rated content can be handled as private Roku channels. You cannot add Pornhub on Roku TV in the usual manner. You will need to add through login to your Roku website via their official website.

Private or Hidden channels are not illegitimate. They work like any other channels on Roku, once added. The catch here is Roku does not help the non-certified channels in case of glitches. Hidden channels as the name suggests will not be available on the Roku Channel Store. Therefore you will need to add them manually. Besides, there is no official list of Roku porn available. 

Many websites advertise they have Roku Channel therefore if you know about a particular channel that is mentioned then check their website. Many porn sites have created Roku-friendly channels for supporting their pad and free members to watch adult content on large TV screens. For example, there is Pornhub. Nevertheless, you will need to learn how to get Pornhub on Roku TV and keep them undercover or hidden from other viewers.

To get porn on Roku, you will need a mobile device or computer, a Roku player, and the porn websites code for the Roku channel. Many paid porn sites offer some porn action on Roku for free but a few offer free trials.

Here is a list of popular Roku porn channels with access codes.

  • Pornhub - pornhub
  • Adult Empire Unlimited - adeunlimited/aesundial
  • Adult Time - adulttime
  • Pornstar Empire - pornstarempire
  • Exxxtasy.NET - exxxtasy
  • Gay Empire Unlimited - gdeunlimited
  • Sugar Instant - sugarinstant
  • TLAGay - tlagay
  • Naughty America - naughtyamerica
  • Fetish Movies - FETISH/FETISHD

Even after you successfully add a porn hub on Roku TV ensure to keep it hidden from others, especially kids. Ensure to implement parental control features on Roku. It prevents children from adding non-certified Roku channels. Besides learning how to get pornhub on Roku, you also need to read about how to keep Roku porn channels hidden from children

What is Pornhub?

Matt Keezer is the developer of the adult platform Pornhub. In 2007, it was launched but in 2010 Fabian Thlymann purchased it. The German businessman had started a MindGeek project and purchased the leading porn sites across the world. It included YouPorn, RedTube,, Tube8, and 

Porn production companies like Twistys, Digital Playground, Reality Kings, and Babes were also bought under MindGeek’s umbrella. PornHub was the giant online streaming porn platform around the world, even though it is a small part of the MindGeek portfolio. If you are planning to get Pornhub on Roku then here are some facts about its laudable charitable efforts. 

Pornhub Cares is a blog that reveals the charitable tasks the biggest streaming porn site does to enhance the world as well as save the planet.

  • The Company has provided a scholarship of $25K to the world’s post-secondary students over the past few years.
  • Raised money to save Pandas.
  • Started a women's scholarship in a STEM career.
  • Sponsored Movember team.
  • Donated money to the whales saving program.
  • Contributed $34,854.24 to the research for breast cancer.
  • The site plants a tree for each 100 videos viewership in the Big Dick category. Under this program, Pornhub has planted 15,473 trees over the course….lots of trees!

How To Get Pornhub On Roku TV?

Creating Roku porn private channel list is not illegal. Watching porn is not bad. For example, viewers can be introduced to new activities, which can spice up their bedroom activities. However, the pornography landscape is full of biases and misconceptions. 

Pornhub is aware that legal sex education is important. Pornhub Cares offers a couple of websites that advise on STDs, general sexual health doubts, and safe sexual habits. 

Pornhub is a non-certified channel on Roku, which means it is not available on the Roku Channel Store and the platform does not support in case of any problems associated with non-certified channels.

It also means porn on Roku is not accessible. The small streaming Roku player stocks multiple adult entertainment opportunities. You just need to learn how to watch Pornhub on Roku. 

Did you know that when Congress voted to revoke FCC [Federal Communications Commission] privacy rules in March 2017, Pornhub supported its members? The FCC rule required broadband ISPs [Internet Service providers] to protect their client’s sensitive browsing data. 

When the FCC rule was revoked, Pornhub responded by shifting its site to HTTPS. It offers an extra-secure communication protocol. The users gain entire site-wide encryption. It means your ISP will not know what is in the Pornhub search history. It means for adult entertainment choosing Pornhub on Roku is a sensible decision. 

Pronhub offers content for visually impaired people. It is in the Described Video category. Every video is accompanied by a narrated description of action within the scene in detail. It empowers visually impaired people to experience porn joys.

Adding a non-certified Roku porn channel is not difficult. Here is a step to step guide to help you. 

How to add Pornhub on Roku?

Roku Channel Store is full of great selection but there is no adult channel category. It is surprising because a few adult websites like Pornhub, Adult Empire, Elegant Angel, etc. offer Roku. Roku is not eager to directly promote the adult entertainment segment but there are hidden channels that include the exclusive Roku channel codes. Most sites will need to signup and open an account. 

Step-by-step guidance for adding Pornhub on Roku TV

  • Visit Roku’s official website and log in to your account.
  • After logging in you will be directed towards the account page. 
  • If not then hover on the person icon. Click ‘My Account’ & then click on ‘Add Channel with a Code’.
  • Enter the private channel access code ‘pornhub’ 
  • Click the checkbox for reCAPTCHA verification & then click the ‘Add Channel’ icon.
  • A warning message pops up. It is Roku’s warning aimed to confirm that you are aware of Roku’s terms regarding the use of the non-certified channel. You will need to click on ‘OK’ to verify that you read the warning.
  • Again you will have to reconfirm by clicking on ‘Yes, add channel’. 
  • You will see a confirmation on Roku that the private channel is added. 
  • Sometimes, the channel to show on the channel list can take time. As soon as the system update that is synching pornhub on Roku is finished, you will see it on your channel list. 
  • In the menu, scroll to the bottom and the private channel will be listed there. 

Now, you can watch pornhub on Roku TV but if there are kids in the house then you will need to hide it. Roku offers parental control features because there is plenty of unsuitable content on the digital platforms not good for youngsters and kids. Porn content is one of them. It is entirely an adult entertainment source. Whenever you add Roku porn channels then set the 4-digit purchase PIN to maintain privacy. 

How to add PIN to Roku porn channel?

  • Visit Roku’s official website & log in to your Roku account. 
  • On the ‘My Account’ page under section ‘PIN preference’ click on ‘Update’ icon.
  • Here set the ‘PIN’ & choose preferences. 

Roku allows its members to add parent PINs to keep curious eyes gaining access to your unwanted subscriptions or private channels. It will also help you to prevent youngsters from adding unwanted subscriptions or adult channels. 

Some porn websites offer discreet Roku codes, which add a disguise layer as something unrelated. For example, Fetish Movies offers discreet code like the ‘Budgets & Finances’ channel. Only some porn sites offer this kind of disguise, which you can take advantage of. 

How to Watch Pornhub on Roku? 

For years, Roku TV hasn’t tried to stop porn sites' access to non-certified Roku channels. For example, Pornhub has a dedicated page including instructions on how to get Pornhub on Roku TV with ease. Users can link their Pornhub premium account via the Roku website manually.

Even other porn sites have the same channels and pages with pay-per-view access support. 

Turning a blind eye caused Roku some troubles like Mexico banned Roku boxes sales because of easy accessibility to non-certified content. So, to right this wrong, Roku is trying its best to stop porn accessibility from its platform. Beta Channels are replacing the private channels effectively. The private channels are not found in the Roku Channel Store list but Roku users can activate them with a direct link or code manually from Roku’s website. 

It means the answer to your question ‘How to watch Pornhub on Roku?’ is to visit the Roku website. Log in and from the ‘My Account’ page click on ‘add channel with a code’. Enter the code ‘pornhub’ in the text box and hit the ‘add channel’ button. Confirm the warning that you desire to add this channel. With your ‘Yes’ the Pornhub channel will show on your Roku device. 

Popular porn companies have gained access to Roku users in millions using codes and links. The streaming service has gained immense popularity because of easy accessibility to non-certified porn sites. 

Private channels are used for testing but porn companies leveraged it to target Roku streamers with adult content, which is generally still not approved openly in society. It means the porn companies were benefiting from this loophole without the need to gain approval from Roku.  

How to Download Pornhub Videos?

Pornhub is an adult entertainment platform that displays X-rated videos. However, Pornhub has the majority of members with a free subscription. It can do this by showing commercials and making money. 

Online streaming of pornhub on Roku TV is convenient but there is a prominent drawback. There is the issue of unstable Wi-Fi connection and even commercials popping up during undesired actions. Internet connection is unavailable at times. It even sucks when the connection is disturbed, especially when you are having fun. 

The solution to this issue is to have a downloader download Pornhub videos for offline watching. Remember to use a reliable VPN service before you download XXX-rated videos. 

MyStream Pornhub Downloader 

MyStream Pornhub Downloader is a desktop app that will allow you to download content from streaming services and more than 1000 websites including Roku porn content. The program works like a browser. When you launch MyStream, just enter the website URL. Login to your Pornhub account from within the browser and search for the video you desire to download. Click on the start download button and it will be saved on your computer. 

MyStream offers awesome features like downloading in 1080p HD quality. You can download Pornhub videos in bulk at turbo speed. This saves time and effort in downloading one after another. The frustrating commercials you encounter during epic moments are eliminated during the downloading process. Thus enjoy the videos smoothly without commercial breaks. 

Learning how to download Pornhub videos does not need you to be a technical nerd. Just remember to pay a few dollars on a VPN service rather than getting penalized and jailed, if caught by the government. Downloading Porn to the phone or computer is advantageous because you can enjoy it even if there is no internet connection available or save the mobile data overcharges. 


Roku owners have been enjoying Pornhub openly for several years until the platform has stopped the non-certified channel. So, how to add Pornhub on Roku, is there a way to watch Pornhub on Roku. Yes! Roku porn list is unavailable on Roku Channel Store but you can bypass the store and add it manually as a private channel or hidden channel!

If you want to download videos from other streaming service as well like Netflix, check out this How to Record Netflix Videos

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