How to Download the Best Sandra Bullock Movies on Netflix Offline

| Published on Jul 14, 2022| 5 Minutes Reading
In today’s article, we will list some of the most popular Sandra Bullock Movies on Netflix. So let’s start with the Unforgiveable true story, Unforgivable cast, and more.

The winner of both Academy Award and Golden Globe Award, the name of Sandra Bullock doesn’t require any formal introduction. Born in Arlington, Bullock was also the highest-paid actress back in 2010 and 2014.

She has some of the best movies on her credit, including The Lost City, The Heat, and Ocean’s 8. Netflix particularly has some of the best Sandra Bullock movies in its library, including Unforgiveable, The Blind Side, and Demolition Man.

In today’s article, we will list some of the most popular Sandra Bullock Movies on Netflix. So let’s start with the Unforgiveable true story, Unforgivable cast, and more.

How to Download the Best Sandra Bullock Movies on Netflix Offline

Sandra Bullock Movies On Netflix

The Unforgiveable (2021)

Story: When Ruth Slater returns to her hometown after being released from prison, she faces severe judgment from everyone in this place that used to be called "home."

With no chance at redemption left, she finds out what happened with her younger sister. They were forced to leave behind everything years ago. The movie features intense scenes and deals with heavy themes, but it's a story of hope, love, and family.

Sandra Bullock Movies

Cast: Linda Emond, Jon Bernthal, Aisling Franciosi, Sandra Bullock, Rob Morgan

Director: Nora Fingscheidt

Writer: Sally Wainwright

Rating: R

Runtime: 112 minutes

Bird Box

Story: In the aftermath of an unknown global terror, a mother must find the strength to flee with her children down a hazardous river searching for sanctuary.

As they move along, they must avoid being captured by the enemy and face many challenges along the way.

Starring: Sandra Bullock, Trevante Rhodes, John Malkovich

Writer: Eric Heisserer

Director: Susanne Bier

Rating: R

Runtime: 124 minutes

Demolition Man (1993)

Story: In a future where all crime has been eradicated, John Spartan is blamed for hundreds of deaths during a hostage rescue. He's frozen and thawed out in 2032 to find that his old Los Angeles has changed for the worse. Now he must team up with his former enemy to take down a new breed of criminal.

This movie is considered by many as a perfect example of a cult classic film and is one of the most popular Sandra Bullock movies on Netflix. This movie was followed by a sequel in which Sandra Bullock did not participate.

Cast: Wesley Snipes, Sylvester Stallone, Nigel Hawthorne, Sandra Bullock, Benjamin Bratt

Director: Marco Brambilla

Writers: Daniel Waters & Robert Reneau and Peter M. Lenkov

Rating: R

Runtime: 115 minutes

The Blind Side

Story: The true story of Michael Oher, a homeless and traumatized boy who became an All-American football player and first-round NFL draft pick with the help of a caring woman and her family.

The movie focuses on Michael's evolution from a shy, uneducated boy to a football star. Some fans have criticized the film for glossing over Michael's time in foster care and his struggles with reading, but it is still an inspiring story.

Cast: Quinton Aaron, Sandra Bullock, Tim McGraw, Jae Head

Director: John Lee Hancock

Writer: Michael Lewis (book), John Lee Hancock (screenplay)

Rating: PG-13

Runtime: 129 minutes


Story: The movie starts with a bomb being planted on a city bus by a disgruntled ex-cop. He gives the driver, played by Keanu Reeves, an ultimatum: keep the bus speeding above 50 mph, or the bomb will detonate.

The rest of the movie follows the characters as they try to figure out how to disarm the bomb and save the passengers on board.

Cast: Keanu Reeves, Dennis Hopper, Sandra Bullock, Joe Morton

Director: Jan de Bont

Writer: Graham Yost

Rating: R

Runtime: 116 minutes

The Proposal

Story: Margaret Tate (Sandra Bullock) is a high-powered book editor who lives in New York City. Her life is turned upside down when she's accused of visa fraud and is about to be deported back to her native Canada.

To stay in the U.S., she agrees to marry her assistant, Andrew Paxton. The two then have to deal with the fallout from their fake engagement, trying to convince everyone that their relationship is real.

Cast: Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds, Betty White, Denis O'Hare

Director: Anne Fletcher

Writer: Peter Chiarelli

Rating: PG-13

Runtime: 108 minutes

The Heat

Story: FBI Special Agent Sarah Ashburn is a methodical investigator interested in catching criminals than making friends. FBI Special Agent Shannon Mullins is her polar opposite: a hothead who does whatever it takes to get the job done.

The two agents work together on a significant case involving a drug lord. As they try to put their differences aside, they also have to deal with the attraction between them.

Cast: Sandra Bullock, Melissa McCarthy, Demian Bichir, Marlon Wayans

Director: Paul Feig

Writer: Katie Dippold

Rating: R

Runtime: 117 minutes

The Lake House

Story: A doctor who once occupied an unusual lakeside home begins exchanging love letters with its new resident, an architect. They must try to figure out the secret behind their unique relationship before it's too late.

This movie marked the turning point in Sandra Bullock's career. She proved that she could carry a film independently, and she did it beautifully.

Cast: Sandra Bullock, Keanu Reeves, Kyra Sedgwick, Shohreh Aghdashloo

Director: Alejandro Agresti

Writer: David Auburn

Rating: PG-13

Runtime: 99 minutes


Story: After her husband, Jim, dies in a car accident, Linda Hanson returns home only to see him walk through the door alive and healthy. When she wakes up the next day, he's dead again. But each morning, when she wakes up, the previous day's events repeat themselves.

Cast: Sandra Bullock, Julian McMahon, Amber Valletta

Director: Mennan Yapo

Writer: Bill Kelly

Rating: PG-13

Runtime: 108 minutes

There you have them - some of the best Sandra Bullock movies on Netflix you can watch now.

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