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| Published on Apr 27, 2022| 15 Minutes Reading
You'll find a comprehensive overview of OTT streaming, including the available options, their comparison to traditional TV Cable and the future outlook for Over The Top services.

Over The Top Services is a ship we've all been aboard. It's easy to talk about OTT streaming services and not know exactly how they operate.

You'll find a comprehensive overview of OTT streaming, including the available options, their comparison to traditional TV Cable, and the future outlook for Over The Top services. Without further delay, let's begin.

What does OTT mean?

OTT stands to be Over The Top, and many people are familiar with this term. These OTT channels offer content from media such as shows, movies, tv-series, and exclusive content not available on traditional cable TV networks.

You can subscribe to these OTT streaming platforms and stream all content on any device for a monthly subscription. OTT streaming is a great way to access content from any device.

Native apps are available for iOS and Android and are compatible with other devices like Fire TV Sticks or Smart TVs. Many TV cable and internet providers and streaming devices such as Roku have partnered with other popular services to cater to the rising demand of OTT platforms.

OTT platforms have several unique advantages. They offer a wide range of films and TV shows that can be accessed on multiple devices and are available for a very low monthly subscription. These OTT streaming platforms are viral right now due to the ongoing pandemic.

How do streaming services shape OTT?

These OTT streaming service providers deliver their content via cloud-based operations. The services scale according to peak traffic demands and keep the stream open for consumers without downtime. They also continue buying new content and updating their existing platforms to grow their client base.

This creates a market for OTT streaming platforms to find good content and pay a reasonable price to host them. Additionally, content creators get paid fair prices for their content, motivating them to make more suitable content.

This creates a win-win scenario for all parties. In this way, consumers will continue to have good content, while creators will receive a reward for creating lovable content. These platforms will grow in turn. You don't even have to wait for the content, as it is available online. This means that millions can easily access the movies and shows they love whenever they wish. The content is available on demand.

OTT streaming lets you choose exactly what and when you watch it, which is a big difference from traditional cable TV.


Netflix, the most prominent player in the market, is obvious. The American Over The Top content platform is also a production house. The three-month plans are unique because of the high-quality content.

Netflix's OTT Streaming Service has over 200 million monthly users, according to the fourth quarter of 2020. You can view thousands of films, TV shows, and Netflix originals with this streaming service.

Amazon Prime Video

The second spot features Prime Video, an Amazon-owned streaming site. Amazon Prime Video is used by more than 150 million people who subscribe to the streaming service.

Amazon Prime Video is part of the Amazon Prime Service. It includes music streaming, Prime Gaming, Prime Reading, and free delivery for many Amazon products.


HBO ended its HBO Go service and renamed the HBO Now service to HBO Now. The new HBO Max was launched in mid-2020. With its vast library of content, HBO Max is, without doubt, the most popular option. Roku is an option, along with Fire TV Stick. HBO owners Warner Media reported recently that it would have nearly 41 million domestic subscribers by 2021.


Disney+, which offers Disney Star Wars and Pixar content, is another popular OTT platform. Disney+, despite being relatively new in the market, is seeing a lot of success. The platform has a variety of exclusive content, including The Mandalorian (Marvel Hero Project), Clone Wars and Falcon, and the Winter Soldier.

OTT vs. Traditional Cable

After reading a lot of information about these OTT services and platforms, it's possible to wonder if they are any better than cable tv. This is what we will discuss.

The exact answer will depend on what the users need and want. You can get all of the channels on traditional cable television for monthly charges. There are two options: you can either choose these networks or one of the pre-determined plans. You won't be able to watch content as often as you like with traditional cable.

We'll take a closer look at some key advantages of OTT platforms over cable TV.

  • Stream anywhere: You can stream the Over the Top content from any place and on any device. The majority of OTT services now work on many platforms, including Android, iOS, Desktop native applications, Roku and Fire TV Stick, and Smart TVs. The content can be accessed on the go.
  • Consumer Choice: An OTT streaming platform offers more freedom than cable TV. The freedom to select what content you'd like to see. There are many options. You can choose from seasons, movies, or series. Or, you can search from the vast library of content. Then, you can start and resume watching the show simultaneously. This feature is not available on traditional cable channels . . All Cable content comes with a scheduled timestamp. You will need to wait for the replay, or the show may be over.
  • You can access ad-free content through these OTT platforms. Traditional cable networks are notorious for showing ads every few minutes. This can be annoying and distracting.

You will need to select multiple OTT platforms to replace cable TVs fully. It will ultimately come down to whether the expense of a cable network plan or numerous OTT platforms is worthwhile. In some cases, you may even save money with OTT services over cable networks. You'll need to do some research.

Top Ten OTT Platforms


Dacast is a viral OTT platform. It offers many options to the user. You can live stream, stream, and host video online. The live streaming function allows you to stream OTT content, VOD content, or both simultaneously. It is possible to monetize video content. Finally, we are looking for a fully customized experience that allows you to customize your branding.

OTT Platforms

Here are some key features

  • Monetize your content
  • Control over branding with white label
  • Zoom Integration for Live streaming
  • Multi-bitrate streaming
  • Security tools to secure streaming
  • Live encoding support
  • Support for RTMP encoder
  • 24/7 tech support


  • No ads
  • Analytical data in real-time
  • Recording of live streaming
  • Multiple options depending on what you need
  • China video hosting


  • An excellent initial learning curve

JW Player Live

JW Player Live has been a top-rated video player in the marketplace. In response to demand for the OTT platform, JW Player Live has launched a live streaming option. You can now stream content to your customers and subscribers via the platform. You will also find multi-bitrate streaming support, DRM, and HTML5 video player support.

JW Player Live

Here are some key features

  • Your content can be distributed worldwide
  • Integration of video API into any application
  • Monetization of content
  • Support for adaptive streaming (multi-bitrate)
  • Excellent technical support


  • The player is high-quality
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Service Audience AnalyticsService for Internal Use Case Scenarios


  • No China delivery
  • Technical support limited

IBM Cloud Video


IBM Cloud Video is next. It allows businesses to upload their content to be delivered to customers. It offers many services, such as video streaming and media products. Like most services, it allows you to monetize content and return them via the internet (OTT).

Here are some key features

  • Supported by the world's leading cloud provider, i.e., IBM
  • Powerful video analytics
  • It covers all types of services and tools
  • Powerful content delivery
  • Video monetization


  • Great for business
  • Top-notch customer support
  • Hong Kong video hosting


  • You will need additional fees to get higher resolutions.
  • Support for closed captions is not very good


Wowza is another powerful OTT platform that's available on the market. It is aimed at broadcasting professionals. Third-party integrations, APIs, and other features are available to help you customize your streaming experience. You cannot use video monetization because there isn't support. Wowza's inability to monetize makes it a poor service for internal use cases.


Here are some key features

  • VOD and live streaming supported
  • Cloud transcoding
  • Video player White-label
  • API Integration and Other Third-Party Integration
  • Good customer support


  • Tool for branding customization
  • Ultra HD (4K), streaming support
  • CMS for video with power
  • There are many security options


  • No video monetization
  • Poor video analytics


Vimeo Livestream

Vimeo is an American video-sharing, hosting, and service platform. It offers many options to consumers. Vimeo bought the streaming site Livestream in 2017 and has since expanded its services offering to business customers. Vimeo has integrated an OTT solution to the service, making it one of our top 10.

Vimeo Livestream

Here are some key features

  • Multicasting support
  • Engaging tools like polling or chat options
  • Secure means for powerful protection
  • The powerful content delivery system
  • A video player that is both while-label and commercial


  • Brand-specific customizations
  • Your content can be distributed worldwide
  • Many tools can be used to encourage interaction and engage


  • A good learning curve for beginners


Brightcove, founded in 2005, has been a leader in the market for video delivery. The company provides some of the finest tools for delivering video content to its full potential. This service offers some of the best video tools that can be used to distribute and scale your content quickly. Many marketing tools can be used to increase your engagement. Brightcove may be an exemplary video service for you if you are a broadcaster.


Here are some key features

  • Top tier CDNA for global content delivery
  • Multi-bitrate or adaptive bitrate streaming
  • Support via Video API
  • High-security features
  • Capability to monetize content


  • White-label custom player for video
  • CRM integration available
  • Broadcasting tools you can trust


  • High-priced service
  • No China video delivery
  • Tech support


Wistia is an excellent video marketing platform for businesses. This software allows you to find, engage, and grow your audiences quickly. It will enable you to host videos and create audio and visual experiences. You also have tools for managing your fan base and audience. Your logo can be used to modify controls and the player's color. You can use various interactive video tools, including CTAs (call to action), email gates, Annotation Links, and many more.


Here are some key features

  • Powerful customer service
  • CRM Integration
  • Enjoy an ad-free environment
  • Create channels
  • Autoplay next video
  • Top-notch customer service


  • Video Analytics with power
  • Collaborate with marketing team thanks to CRM Integration
  • Premium looking, video player


  • No China delivery
  • Only limited brand customization


SproutVideo is another well-known video hosting platform that caters to businesses who want the highest quality live and on-demand video hosting. It offers many features, such as security, video websites, and viewer engagement.


Here are some key features

  • Hosting of live streams and VOD videos
  • Use powerful marketing tools
  • You have multiple options to show your brand
  • White-label HTML5 video player
  • API integration and support for third parties


  • You have many options
  • Useful video analytics
  • You can customize your video player


  • Plans that cost less have lower support
  • Lower plans may have restrictions on security


Kaltura, an open-source video streaming platform for free, is the best choice. You can leverage the many services to increase your reach and build your customer base. It allows you to easily manage your audio, video, and image assets and optimize storage and media workflows. This company offers advanced video analytics and the fastest online and native video players.


Here are some key features

  • A platform that is fully ready for OEM or white-label use
  • Billing support and multi-account management
  • Compatibility with backward
  • Video transcoding to cloud and image manipulation


  •   Highly customized experience
  • There are endless options with integrations
  • Source-to-source nature
  • For advanced broadcasters


  • The Pay-as-you-go structure isn't for everybody.
  • Tech support for the slow-minded
  • Initial learning curve


Everyone can use Vidyard. This tool provides a better alternative to face-to-face meetings. This tool allows you to add sales videos and record them to your emails. Corporate communications can be improved by creating and sending better videos for internal communication. This makes it much easier to communicate with remote workers. To increase your engagement and share your body's story online, you can also upload marketing videos.


Here are some key features

  •   Many video tools can create videos, such as screen recording or video personalization.
  • Video management tools like online video hosting, video uploads quickly, security and compliance
  • You can share videos with online players, embed videos, emails videos, and many more.
  • A variety of tools make it easy to optimize videos
  • Video Analytics with power, CRM Integrations, and More


  • Experience in broadcasting
  • Video Analytics with power
  • Technical support is excellent


  • No China video delivery

How can you stream OTT content offline?

If you want to get OTT content offline but don't want the limitations of the in-app downloads like expiration or watching the downloaded video on the same device as the original download, you can use   MyStream.

The software allows you to save any show from any OTT provider and download it for offline viewing.

MyStream Supports OTT Platforms

MyStream offers one of the most extensive supported ranges for OTT platforms to download content offline. Downloading from:

Distinctive Audio and Video

MyStream's downloader provides a wide range of features to aid you with downloading shows from your preferred OTT streaming services. This tool allows you to download content from OTT Platforms.

01. You can't tell the difference between audio and video quality

It supports HD 1080p with an audio channel of 5.1 and a bitrate audio rate of 125 kbps. The quality of the streaming content will not differ from the content you have downloaded.

02. Download Meta Info and Subtitles

This allows you to download not only the content but also the subtitles. You can either embed the subtitles directly in the video or save them as separate files. These subtitles are available for import later during playback.

It also downloads the meta-information about the content, like the cast, series, title, description. It is straightforward to organize your videos and series downloaded from this feature.

03. Batch Download and Automatic-Download New Releases

The tool will detect if the downloaded video belongs to a particular series and notify you if it is. The video asks whether the video is part of a series. If so, it will offer the possibility to batch-download all episodes.

This software automatically downloads the latest releases from any shows you subscribe to. Both of these features are available to simplify your downloading experience.

04. Lightening fast streaming while downloading

It's something that happens to all of us. It occurs when you are streaming another thing while downloading. MyStream is a different downloader.

The tool allows you to download files at lightning speed, even while streaming video or doing other internet-intensive tasks. This software also allows you to flow from the interface while simultaneously downloading.


Below are some frequently asked questions regarding OTT Platforms.

01. YouTube is it an OTT?

YouTube users can view and consume content free of charge, but ads are not allowed on other OTT platforms. You can also subscribe to the Premium Membership for an ad-free experience. The premium membership offers ad-free access and exclusive content.

02. Where can I view OTT content on my TV?

You could have multiple options. An individual can install the OTT App (equipped with a smart television) to stream their content from their TV.

Multiple internet and cable providers can tie up to specific streaming platforms for you to have these OTT options available. You can subscribe to various streaming sites through dedicated devices like Roku.

If you believe that all the above is false, view OTT has two ways. You can buy an HDMI Cable, use it on your laptop and then watch OTT on your TV. Or, you can do something more advanced with Chromecast.

03. What exactly are OTT apps?

OTT stands to represent 'Over the Top' streaming services. It means you can stream the content from any device compatible with the internet. All popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, and Hulu are OTT services that allow you to watch the content wherever you choose. It is explained in detail at the start of this article.

04. How can OTT platforms earn money?

The business model of these "Over The Top" platforms is straightforward. These OTT platforms spend money building their Over the Top delivery network and purchasing content.

To access the content, users pay a monthly subscription fee. These OTT platforms mainly earn money and reinvest their profits in creating more content.

05. Are there many OTT Platforms?

It is difficult to give a definitive answer because it depends on many factors such as the region in which an OTT platform is available, its content type and reaches, customers, etc.

However, there are many OTT services available.

06. How does an OTT Platform work?

Services called Over the Top are those that stream movies, TV shows, and series via the internet. They can also be streamed directly in their respective apps or websites. The service works in the same way as any other internet service.

Only a broadband internet connection is required to stream content from these platforms via their apps or the web.

07. Why is OTT so Popular

Their portability and flexibility are two main reasons OTT platforms have grown in popularity.

Over the Top platforms allow you to view different devices such as your smartphone or laptop. It is highly portable so that you can binge even when traveling.

You also have access to many contents such as documentaries, web series, and blockbuster movies. You can also subscribe to these Over The Top platforms anytime you wish.

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