What Is Twitch VIP And How to Get It?

| Published on Apr 11, 2022| 10 Minutes Reading
A VIP Twitch status on the Twitch streaming website reserved for people interested in a streamer's content


A VIP Twitch status on the Twitch streaming website reserved for people interested in a streamer's content, and who are a part of their audience. 

Unlike other streams, Twitch does not give streamers elevated control but instead aims to make them stand out from their viewers. In exchange, a Twitch VIP is given a diamond badge to be displayed on their streams. 

What Is Twitch VIP And the Benefits?

Twitch VIP status also grants the streamer perks such as channel point rewards and increased popularity among viewers. There are many benefits to becoming a Twitch VIP, including better ads and recognition from your viewers. You can have as many as 10 VIPs on your account. 

Some of the VIP Twitch features are restricted, but the other benefits are worth your investment of time and effort. You can get one by boosting your subscriber count and interacting with your community members. 

As a VIP Twitch member, you'll be granted more privileges, such as the ability to be "moderated" by channel moderators. A Twitch VIP badge looks like a diamond on a hot pink background. If you're a community member, you can assign someone VIP status. 

A VIP must adhere to the rules of the chat. Even if they don't break any laws, the channel moderators can still be timed out. It's easiest to make a friend a Twitch VIP right from the chat room. Once the user becomes a VIP, they'll be able to manage their role and remove it anytime.

Getting a Twitch VIP badge is not difficult and is only available to those who have a lot of followers and participate in chats regularly. As a result, there's no need to worry about earning more slots if you're not a fan of the channel. You'll receive a new badge for every five unique chatters you get. 

Just make sure to be consistent in your streaming activity, and your viewers will reward you by making them a VIP. A VIP Twitch badge is a status that you can get for yourself or assign to followers. A Twitch VIP badge will be displayed in your profile, and your followers will be able to see your profile. 

Depending on your role, you can give it to a subscriber or assign it to your friends. If you want to become a VIP Twitch member, you need to follow other streamers with the VIP badge, which will allow you to make friends and gain influence in your community.

Once you've earned your VIP Twitch status, you can award it to your viewers. The more badges you have, the better. A VIP badge will tell your viewers you have more followers and more viewers. It is a way to reward viewers for their loyalty and support. 

You'll also be able to earn more badges. If you're an experienced streamer, a Twitch VIP badge will let you promote yourself to other people.

What Should You Know More About Twitch VIP?

What is a VIP on Twitch? 

A VIP is a member of a streamer's audience. A streamer can only grant a VIP to a select number of viewers, but they can give one to any of their fans. 

The benefits of becoming a VIP are numerous, but you should first understand what it means to be one. What is a VIP on Twitch? Let's take a look at some of the essential features.

What Does VIP Mean on Twitch? 

When someone joins Twitch, they have the option of becoming a VIP. It is not the same as becoming a channel member or being a regular subscriber. 

As a VIP, you have access to additional features, including more time to chat, view, etc. However, being a VIP does come with some perks, and here's what being a VIP means to you.

What Does Twitch VIP Do?

What Does VIP do on Twitch? A VIP is a valued member of the Twitch community, given a unique emblem. 

There are many advantages to becoming a VIP, including a streamer can get up to ten slots at the beginning of their stream, and more slots will unlock as they continue to grow. 

As a VIP, a streamer can post in chat without rate limits or slow mode and can post links in chat, even if the option is blocked.

How to Make Someone VIP On Twitch: 

If you want to make a streamer a VIP, you can do this in two simple steps. Below steps explain about how to VIP someone on Twitch.

  • First, open your channel
  • type the '/vip username' command
  • It will make your user Gamer a VIP. 

What does VIP do on Twitch? Once you become VIP, you can in turn assign up to 10 VIP slots. If you're unsure who you can make a VIP for, you can ask the community manager for assistance.

  • After the chat session, you can click on your creator dashboard and select 'add VIP.'
  • If you already have their username, enter it, and you'll be sent to their dashboard. 
  • From there, you can remove their VIP status by clicking their name.
  • You can also change the role of your streamer by editing the user's profile.
  • You can add or remove roles by following the guidelines on the Twitch website.

Then, you can assign that person a VIP role, and you can also make them a moderator by saving their VIP status. The only catch is that they can't become a VIP, but they can change their role. 

The best way to VIP someone on Twitch is to be friendly and helpful. If you can't make a Livestream, you can add friends and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Once you have a VIP badge, you can award it to your channel's active viewers. Remember to be respectful and courteous while you are doing so. You should not force a person to be a VIP if you don't feel comfortable. 

The aim is to reward active viewers, not the most active ones. For example, if someone has a VIP badge, they will be awarded a special VIP badge on that day.

How to make someone VIP on Twitch is easy. Just type /vip @username to make the user a VIP

Once the person is a VIP, you get additional privileges and access to their chat room. They can send you links and be more active, which will make them feel appreciated. Streamers can give their viewers a VIP badge if they have many followers.

Besides being a VIP on Twitch, you can also make a streamer a VIP on the platform. By making a streamer a VIP on Twitch, you will be able to access their private chat room as often as you want. 

It allows you to reach their audience and share your content with them. By adding a VIP button to your stream, you can also reward your subscribers and help them grow their audience.

How to Get VIP On Twitch?

When someone joins your channel, you can choose to become their VIP. The badge will look like a diamond with a hot pink background. To become a VIP, follow the rules in the chat. Once you are a VIP, you will no longer have to follow these rules. 

You can also remove your status at any time. You can do this by clicking the user name and clicking remove.

The process is simple: the streamer has to make sure they have 100 unique chatters. When the streamer reaches that level, they will receive 80 slots in the VIP system. 

Once they reach that level, they can give their viewers a VIP badge Twitch. A VIP is a member of the Built community and can post links while in slow mode. However, they are not immune from the rule-breaking of channel moderators. 

The only way to make your viewers a VIP is to make them followers. The process is simple: click on the viewer's profile and then choose 'become.' This will grant them a VIP status.

If you have many unique chatters, you can unlock more VIP badges. Once you reach 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, or even 100 unique chats, you can get 20/30/50/80/100 more. As a VIP, you will also have exclusive benefits. 

You will not have to worry about the chat limits or slow follower-only chats, if you have a VIP badge Twitch. Additionally, you will be able to post links that are disabled.

One of the main reasons to get a VIP badge on Twitch is to earn followers. As a streamer, you can hand over your VIP badges to your subscribers, which is the fastest way to increase the number of viewers you have. 

Once you have gained subscribers, you can begin promoting your content. Once you start seeing more traffic, your stream will become more popular. You will gain more exposure, and you will be able to earn more money.

Once you have reached five hundred unique chatters, you can become a Twitch VIP. You can earn VIP status in many ways, and you can earn it by creating a video and getting followers. 

As you gain more followers, you will get more opportunities to be featured on your channel. You will also be given access to exclusive offers and discounts. You can earn additional badges by becoming a Twitch star.

Twitch provides its members with several perks. Aside from the exclusive badge, Twitch VIP status is an excellent perk for viewers. If you have a good reputation on the website, you will be rewarded with a VIP badge. 

In addition to the VIP badge Twitch also offers exclusive chat features. Streamers with more than five hundred followers will be able to share their chat links with their subscribers.

  • Keep Messaging in Chat
  • Don't Be Toxic
  • Welcome New Viewers
  • Help on Discord
  • Share the Stream with Your Friends
  • Etc

How to Give Someone VIP on Twitch?

You have come to the right place if you're wondering how to give someone VIP on Twitch. Unlike many other social media platforms, Twitch offers a unique experience. The platform's VIP program was added last year, and it quickly became popular. 

Here are some tips for getting someone to join as a VIP: * Be sure to be polite and friendly in chat - streamers will be more likely to invite you back.

*First, you'll need to have at least 50 followers on Twitch. You can add a VIP by determining how many people you want to follow. Many factors determine who is eligible to become a VIP. 

You can make someone a VIP based on their engagement with your videos or how many people follow you. You can also give someone a VIP if they've watched at least 20 of your videos or if they've subscribed to your channel.

When giving someone VIP on Twitch, could you not give them a free badge? You have to purchase one from your account, and you can share it with other people if you've earned a VIP badge. 

You can even gift it to a friend or give it to a loved one as a gift. However, you need to make sure that you're careful when doing it. If you're a subscriber, you can give someone a VIP badge by creating a unique page for them.

  • Visit their dashboard and look for the Community tab. 
  • On the left side, click on Roles Manager.
  • From there, click on Add New.
  • From there, you can add the new role and badge. 

This way, your friend can have the opportunity to receive VIP status. Then, they can easily share their new badge with their friends and family.

In addition to being a VIP, you can also create a VIP badge for yourself. When giving a VIP badge, include all the necessary details. 

It should contain the name and the email address of the person. If you're not sure how to give a VIP badge to your friend, you can also create a custom profile for them. 

It is the easiest way to give someone a VIP on Twitch. The VIP badge is a special badge that allows people to watch your streams. 

You can only give a VIP badge to a small number of people, but if you want to give someone a VIP badge to their friend, you can assign it to them. 

By giving a VIP badge to a streamer, you can show your appreciation to the person. They'll be glad to know you're grateful for their support.

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Twitch VIP is a special status that allows you to be added to the favorite streamers list of others. As a VIP Twitch streamer, you can add your followers, subscribers, and lurkers. If you want to have more viewers, you can get a Twitch VIP badge. This VIP Twitch badge looks like a diamond.

What does VIP mean on Twitch? The benefits of being a VIP are significant, including immunity from slow-only mode and the chat option settings. You also don't have to worry about offensive or inappropriate posts if you're a VIP. We have also answered the question on how to make someone VIP on Twitch.

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