What Is IMDb TV, and What Does IMDb Stand For?

| Published on Jun 09, 2022| 5 Minutes Reading
IMDb stands for Internet Movie Database. You can enjoy nostalgic TV shows and your favorite movies that aren't on other streaming platforms by checking out IMDb TV.

IMDb stands for Internet Movie Database. You can enjoy nostalgic TV shows and your favorite movies that aren't on other streaming platforms by checking out IMDb TV.

What Is IMDb TV, and What Does IMDb Stand For?

IMDb stands for Internet Movie Database. It is an online encyclopedia of TV and movie shows. The site offers everything you need, from cast breakdowns and ratings to fan reviews and production details. It has over 5 million titles. It was originally a fan-operated site similar to Wikipedia. However, the site has been an Amazon subsidiary ever since 1998. Amazon is the one that drove the creation of IMDbTV, launched initially under IMDb Freedive at the beginning of 2019.

IMDb, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Amazon.com, is based out of Seattle. However, Col Needham, IMDb owner and CEO of the site, still maintains his office in Bristol, England. An English software engineer, Needham started IMDb with a list listing all films he had seen between 1980 and 1990. Needham uploaded his movie-listing software to a USENET discussion group on October 17, 1990, when IMDb was officially found.

IMDb TV was launched in January 2019 and is an ad-supported streaming service that allows you to stream movies and TV shows from the U.S. It works on Firestick, Fire TV Cube, and Fire tablets. Or, if you have a personal computer or laptop, you can stream directly from the IMDb website.

What Does the IMDb Logo Signify?

The current color scheme of the IMDb logo is black and yellow, which reflects the platform's positive and progressive approach. Bright colors evoke authority and expertise and create a happy and kind feeling.

What Does the IMDb Platform Offer?

IMDb is extensive and a great source of entertainment information. It's an easy-to-use search engine that helps get information about the movie database, the plot of a movie, details of any recent film, including the cast and crew of any upcoming TV series. The entertainment industry has a lot of information: scripts, trivia, director/producer information, publicity contacts, plot summaries, and trailers. The Internet Movie Database offers more than just background information. It also provides exclusive resources such as biographies, memorable quotes, and the ability to view TV shows and movies instantly.

Another noteworthy point is that the site invites users to rate movies on a scale. Many pages associated with movies or TV shows on IMDb provide several features. These include plot synopsis, summary, storyline, cast information, review scores, cast information, cast images, videos, reviews, ratings, and tagged genres. You can also create your watchlists, either private or public. These lists can include the shows and movies you are interested in. These are a great way to accumulate titles that you want to watch. You can also sort them by popularity, rating, or other useful criteria.

IMDb users have the option to save content to their personal watchlist. However, these saved programs won't transfer to Prime. It used to be a problem, but Amazon has made it easier for IMDb TV users to search in their Prime app. The service was initially integrated into the Prime menus. It now has a channel that allows you to browse TV shows and movies by genre quickly. To find the best content, you can browse through Action, Drama, Horror, Recent Added, Popular, and other categories. IMDb TV is now one of the most popular ad-supported streaming platforms.

Half-hour TV shows have only two ads per hour, while hourlong TV shows show four. Like movies, the ads during IMDb TV shows last 30-60 seconds each and never get repeated. These ads match the volume of what you are watching. This is a big difference from some of the annoying, loud surprises offered by free services.

How to Search on IMDb TV?

The content can be viewed free on any device via Amazon Fire TV, including a smartphone, laptop, or large screen. With the launch of IMDb Freedive, they can also view full-length movies and TV series on IMDb and all Amazon Fire TV gadgets for free. However, it can be quite challenging to find shows on IMDb TV. The homepage has broad categories for Halloween and Christmas and various Most Popular categories.

This might hide the fact that IMDb's content library is smaller than they would like to admit. On the other hand, it could be that IMDb TV, which is still in active development, is relatively new. The website directory makes it easy to quickly determine if a movie or TV series is available on IMDb TV. If the title is available, you'll see a prominent link: "Watch for Free on IMDb TV," and you can click on it to enjoy.

What TV Shows and Movies Are Available on IMDb TV?

IMDb doesn't reveal the exact amount of content available through its service. However, IMDb has confirmed that the content available on its service tripled in the period of the rebrand. IMDb TV has agreements with many of Hollywood's top TV and Hollywood studios, including Warner Bros and Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Unlike other free TV and movie services, these deals are a great way to get highly-acclaimed content. American Psycho and Boomerang are some of the most popular movies on IMDb TV. In addition, IMDb TV's most popular TV series are 24, Madmen, 3rd Rock From The Sun, The Lost, and Ugly Betty. IMDb adds new content every day; however, IMDb TV doesn't stream live TV channels.

What Is IMDbPro

IMDbPro was launched in 2002 as a platform for entertainment industry researchers. Although IMDbPro membership is intended for professionals in the industry, IMDbPro subscribers are mainly ordinary people, not actors or producers. In return for a monthly subscription, IMDbPro allows you to see what productions are on the horizon, who is working on what, and how you can contact directors or agencies.

IMDbPro added the Pro Casting service a few years back. This listing service includes casting calls, auditions, and upcoming roles. This is another successful way for aspiring stars to find work. Pro Casting is not just for actors but also for screenwriters looking for a break. IMDbPro was not created to be a one-stop station to find your next job. It is still primarily used for research to see what's happening, where, and with whom. It also features listings for people in the industry.

Therefore, you can go for IMDb Pro if you need some additional features. Subscribe to IMDb Pro, and you can:

  • Claim your IMDb page
  • Keep track of updates from people/titles profiles to have the most current information
  • Find contacts in the industry and representation for talent
  • You can see titles that are not on IMDb

Before the $12.50/month price starts, there's a 30-day free trial of IMDbPro. This price applies if you purchase a one-year subscription ($149.99) or a monthly subscription ($19.99).

What Is MyStream Downloader to Download Videos From IMDb?

The MyStream downloader software perfectly matches your download activities. This software is well equipped with high-tech technology and offers numerous benefits to enhance your offline viewing experience.

The following features are designed to meet the demands of live streams and solve issues that may arise from these OTT platforms' strict rules and norms.

  • High-clarity image quality

The application design suggests that you view the downloaded content at 1080p resolution. This is a standard mark for downloading quality. Advanced technology allows you to adjust the image in 4K or 8K streaming.

  • The Batch download facility has an auto-detect function.

This is an indication of technological advancements in the software. If the content is part, it will continue the auto-sensing process and download the next episodes and series.

  • No ads disruption

The MyStream downloader protects your offline watch from commercial interruptions to keep your offline watch on.

  • Prioritize language to save sub-titles and meta information

You are encouraged to read subtitles and metadata information such as movie name, cast details, plot setting, genre, etc. To better grasp the subject, you can read in your native language.

  • Turbo-speed download

Turbo-speed speeds up the application's download, reducing its time to complete the process.

How to Download IMDb Videos Using MyStream Downloader?

Step 1: Install MyStream Video downloader on your device

Step 2: Open the interface and select IMDb site, enter your sign up details

Step 3: Pick the video you want to download and play it

Step 4: MyStream video downloader will start downloading while you watch the video on your screen

Once the process is completed, you will get the IMDb video in the storage for offline watch.


IMDb TV has quickly earned a spot in my streaming rotation. As discussed above, the IMDb meaning is an online platform specializing in movies and tv-show reviews. The website is now part of Amazon's largest video industry database. You can enjoy nostalgic TV shows and find your favorite movies that aren't on other streaming platforms by checking out IMDb TV. It has a quality approach over quantity and offers the joy of free content on demand. Searching the IMDb database is free, and users can easily rate and review movies or add data.

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