West Side Story: How & Where To Watch? All You Need To Know!

| Published on Jun 20, 2022| 5 Minutes Reading
Video clips and whole episodes of this West Side Story Disney+ may be downloaded without a computer while you're at home. Even if you don't have an internet connection, you can still succeed in this endeavor.

Are you awaiting the release of West Side Story Disney Plus? Adapting the 1957 Broadway musical West Side Story Disney+ into a film in 1961 was no easy undertaking. Steven Spielberg's 2021 modern-day Romeo and Juliet version, which won a Golden Globe, is now available to see from the comfort of your own home.

West Side Story

Watch West Side Story on Disney Plus!

Tony (AnselElgort) and Maria (Rachel Zegler), the sister of Bernardo (David Alvarez), a member of Tony's rival Sharks gang, are in a tragic love tale in West Side Tale, which has Stephen Sondheim's lyrics and Leonard Bernstein's music.

During a Jets-Sharks territorial battle on Manhattan's Upper West Side, the two meet at a high school dance and immediately fall in love, starting an explosive love affair. There are several notable performances in the film, but Ariana DeBose's more powerful portrayal of Anita, Bernardo's and Maria's close confidante, was one among them.

In his review, A.O. Scott of the New York Times praised the picture as "a magnificent show of cinematic brilliance that also appears raw, restless, and alive." "Rediscovering its vibrant, exciting essence" is more important to the filmmakers than "embalming a classic with veneration or violently replicating it."

"No one needed to meddle with #WestSideStory, but Steven Spielberg went ahead and did so, and dammit, it's very terrific, fantastic looking & generally loyal to the text with a few clever, respectful modifications and a youthful cast I now want to watch in everything," writes Entertainment Weekly reviewer Leah Greenblatt.

West Side Story Disney Plus – The Story, The Plot & Locations!

While much of the area was demolished in 1960, San Juan Hill and Lincoln Square are included in the second Spielberg film. Throughout the opening scene of the remake, we see a sign proclaiming "slum clearance," which displays a cluttered landscape in preparation for the development of a glittering new complex called Lincoln Center. Here’s understanding the story before you watch West Side Story on Disney Plus channel.

For Puerto Ricans, a territorial conflict is to blame for the simmering tensions in the region. There was enough room for both sides to stand in the past, but now there is only enough for one. Although San Juan Hill is a majority-black neighborhood, the film fails to address this.

The West Side Story Disney+ attempts to trace the source of the Jets-Sharks rivalry exhibits a general inclination toward simple psychologizing. During Robert Wise's directorial debut, he portrayed the Jets as full-service bullies that attacked both black and white kids. Despite its numerous problems, the original film – West Side Story Disney Plus does not rationalize or confine its characters to a single explanation.

Comparing the Original and the New West Side Story Disney+!

In the original, Tony wants to avoid a fight since he has a job and a better future than his Jets teammates. No one incident compelled him to abandon the gang life. His selections reflect his convoluted, rambling personality. In Spielberg's film, Tony is a felon who served a year in Sing Sing for almost murdering another man.

To safeguard his parole, he avoids the Jets. Tony informs the Riff that he spent his time in prison examining him and deciding how he wanted to spend his life. Spielberg and Kushner advocate imprisonment with one simple premise: Tony comes out of jail a better person than he went in. So, how to watch West Side Story? We will get to this question soon.

Watch West Side Story – More Details!

The characters in this film have no more inner life, cultural substance, or experience than the previous one. Maria's life in New York is more prosperous than in 1961. In the original, she is from Puerto Rico and planned to marry Chino. In the present West Side Story Disney Plus, she's been in the city for years caring for her father (who has since died), and she communicates her desire to attend college in a single remark. Bernardo just recently began boxing. Chino is presently attending night school to learn accounting and adding machine repair. Maria is still a cipher outside of her relationship with Tony.

Spielberg's film drastically alters the original segment depicting Maria and Tony's familial origins, and it does it with self-righteousness that would have embarrassed studio executives even back then. After work, Tony pays Maria a visit to a Puerto Rican woman's wedding business, where she collaborates with Anita.

They use mannequins to pretend to meet one another's families until their banter leads to a phony wedding. In Spielberg's film, Maria works as a night shift cleaner at Gimbels, and the cheap bridal-shop wedding has been replaced with a solemn faux marriage at an altar in front of a stained-glass window. Tony informs Maria that he first saw the Cloisters while riding the prison bus. So, stream West Side Story and enjoy the evening.

Where can I watch West Side Story on Disney Plus?

Users of Disney Plus and HBO Max will be able to watch the film West Side Story Disney+, directed by Steven Spielberg, beginning on March 2, 2022. Yes, this is the release date confirmed to watch West Side Story on Disney+. After what was referred to as a "minimum 45-day exclusive theatrical release," the movie musical adaption was made accessible to watch online via a variety of streaming services. Spielberg was the film's producer and director. So now you know where to watch West Side Story.

West Side Story Streaming Rights!

Due to an agreement reached between Disney and HBO, West Side Story streaming is now playable and available on the streaming service and accessible on HBO Max too. This was made possible due to the relationship between the two companies. If you've decided that you want to watch West Side Story online but don't want to spend any money on it, we have some suggestions that will be helpful to you.

Technical advancements have made it possible to see the movie even if you don't have Internet access. Even if you don't have access to the internet, you may still watch your favorite movies and television series by signing up for one of our services. So, now you know where to watch West Side Story – it’s on Disney+ Channel.

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Video clips and whole episodes of this West Side Story Disney+ may be downloaded without a computer while you're at home. Even if you don't have an internet connection, you can still succeed in this endeavor. So, now you know both where to watch West Side Story and how to watch West Side Story; so what are you waiting for?

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