What kind of site is BL Archive? How to use it and a summary of recommended works.

| Published on Aug 12, 2022| 5 Minutes Reading
BL Archive is a site where you can enjoy adult BL works for free. It is a well-known site that has been closed and revived many times, but for those who are new to the site, here are some of the popular works and how to use it.

For those of you who love BL, have you ever heard of a site called BL Archive? As the name suggests, the site is full of BL-related works that will delight rotten girls, but since it is a rare free site in Japan, some may be hesitant to use it because they are concerned about safety. For those who are new to BL Archive, here is a brief explanation of the site and an introduction to popular works.

What is BL Archive?

BL Archive is a free adult-oriented site that publishes original BL-related works, derivative works such as doujinshi, and images. Some of the works contain extreme elements, so minors are not allowed to view them. Basically, all works can be viewed for free, but since there are gray areas regarding copyrights, the site seems to have been closed and revived many times.

One of the features of BL Archive is that you can search for works in a wide range of genres and detailed categories by tags and couplings. In addition, many original works other than couplings are also listed.

Disadvantages of using the BL Archive

To repeat what was said earlier, it is not impossible for the site to be suddenly closed or for your favorite works to become unavailable for viewing, since the site also contains works that may have been uploaded without permission in addition to the original works.

And when I actually used the site, I got the impression that the layout of the site was very confusing and there were many advertisements. It is a free site, so I can't say it is luxurious, but you have to be careful not to accidentally click on pop-up ads and get caught up in fictitious billing or scams. We also recommend that you install software that can detect viruses on your device in advance.

Let's keep in mind to use the site safely.

Popular works in the BL Archive

Here we would like to introduce some of the most popular titles on BL Archive.

Scroll to the bottom of the site and you will see a list of popular originals and couplings. Looking at the top of the list, we can see Haikyuu, Osomatsu-san, Sword Dance and Kuroko no Basket.

The couplings are all from very popular works such as Eren x Levi, Kuroo x Tsukishima, and Aomine x Hijin. The update frequency is lower than in the past, so there are many older works, but you can surely find several well-known works.

Recommended works in the BL archive

Next, we would like to look at original works without original stories, and we have compiled a list of some works with a high degree of perfection.

Kiritsu, Ki wo Tsuki, Rei!

This one is a school love story between a gay and a straight guy. The main character, Mitsuki, is tall and legitimately good-looking, but he has a stuttering disorder that has plagued him since he was a child. However, the straight guy, Ashu, is the one who befriended him without worrying about it.

When Ashyu got a girlfriend, Mitsuki's love for him was ignited, and the work delicately depicts the frustration and sadness of wanting to tell someone how you feel but not being able to. The impactful love scenes are, of course, impressive, but the tear-jerking confession scenes are also impressive.

Throbbing Pleasure Sokudo Devil

Kiryu, a human who has won in life, and a fallen demon. The demon targets Kiryu and asks him to have sex with him, but whether he will nod or not...

This is a short work of two episodes, but the character designs are full of adult sexuality and the sex scenes are quite extreme. Although it is a short work, it has a unique world view and a solid setting. The high quality illustrations are probably another reason for its popularity.

My Secret Photo Session

This one is highly recommended for those who like male daughters. One day, Pudding, a popular cosplayer, is happy to make a lot of money at a photo session when he is attacked by a malicious fan and taken to a hotel. She is told that if she doesn't want her identity revealed as a man, she will be forced to perform naughty tricks on him while dressed as a woman. The fun is that they fall more and more while resisting.

This is not a story in which handsome men appear, but if you are a maniac, the sex scenes in women's clothing are definitely something you should not miss.

Twin Boys in Love

This is also a school story, but it is a love story between a teacher and a student. And what's more, the setting of twins is already inviting interest. Although the setting is a bit strange, the two boys are competing with each other for the teacher's attention. What will the overly kind teacher decide?

The teacher is blamed by the two and can't help it. All three of them are cute to the max, and this is sure to make your heart pound!


We have introduced popular doujinshi and original works from the BL archive. It is a valuable place where both fans of the original works and those who simply like BL can easily enjoy the works, so it is a highly recommended site for BL beginners. The site is still in operation and constantly updated, so if you find a coupling or work that interests you, please take a look for yourself. We also recommend Anitube, a free site to watch BL anime, and you can use the Mstream downloader to download and watch them.

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