How to Download Pluto TV Videos in Easy Steps

| Published on Aug 04, 2022| 5 Minutes Reading
In this article, you can learn the availability of Pluto TV, programming on Pluto TV, and how to download Pluto TV videos in easy steps without any limitations.

The video streaming platform known as Pluto TV is owned and managed by Paramount Streaming, a branch of the media conglomerate known as Paramount Global (previously named ViacomCBS).

Pluto is an advertiser-supported video-on-demand (AVOD) service that primarily provides users with access to a variety of programming content through digital linear channels that are designed to emulate the experience of traditional broadcast programming.

The company was co-founded in 2013 by Tom Ryan, Ilya Pozin, and Nick Grouf and has its headquarters in Los Angeles, California, in the United States. Pluto also has operations in other parts of the Americas and Europe.

The revenue for the service comes from video advertising that is displayed during programs and is broken up into segments in a manner that is analogous to that of traditional television commercial breaks.

How to Download Pluto TV Videos in Easy Steps

Pluto TV obtains its licensing for its material directly from the companies who produce it. As of March 2020, the company had agreements with 170 content partners who supplied more than 250 channels and 100,000 hours of programming that was completely unique.

Its material can be accessed through its website as well as through the supported applications. As of January 2022, the program boasted a total of 64 million members who were actively using it on a monthly basis. As of April 2022, Pluto TV boasts a user base of 68 million people that are active on a monthly basis.

Availability of Pluto TV

Pluto TV content can be streamed on a variety of desktop, mobile, and internet-connected TV platforms, such as the following: Android and Apple iOS/iPadOS devices, Android TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Cox Contour Stream Player, Vizio SmartCast, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, webOS, Chromecast, Virgin Media, and macOS and Windows computers.

Also compatible are PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series In addition, the live TV part of The Roku Channel provides access to stations that are operated by Pluto. Pluto TV and its associated apps are currently accessible across Latin America and in certain regions of Europe. This is in addition to its availability in the United States.

Due to the fact that broadcasters already owned the rights to certain programs, Pluto TV could only be accessed in Canada in a restricted capacity. On June 8, 2022, it was reported that Paramount will join with Corus Entertainment to relaunch the service locally in the Fall of 2022. As part of this partnership, Corus would provide the service with library content as well as serve as the ad-sale representative for the service.

Programming on Pluto TV

The programming on Pluto TV is organized in a manner that is analogous to that of the conventional cable television model. The service provides its material through channels that are labeled according to the type of program content and are divided into numerous channel categories.

  • Featured are new channels and content related to special events.
  • Movies are broadcast on movie channels, which can be categorized as either general-format or genre-specific (for example, comedy, action, or horror).
  • Programming that features a variety of general and specialized entertainment-based activities is referred to as "entertainment."
  • Mainstream news and opinion channels, as well as partisan, commentary-based outlets reflecting progressive and conservative points of view, are included in the category of "news and opinion."
  • Crime refers to programming that focuses on crime, most often dramas.
  • Reality shows, including both reality and competition formats.
  • Competition Shows (introduced in July 2022)
  • Daytime television (Introduced in July 2022)
  • Comedy refers to a category of entertainment services that include stand-up comedy, sitcom, and sketch comedy, as well as curated viral video channels.
  • The term "classic TV" refers to stations that mostly broadcast older comedies that originally aired on television.
  • Home is a brand name for channels that focus on lifestyle and was formerly known as Home + DIY until being rebranded in July 2022.
  • Food (Introduced in July 2022)
  • Lifestyle + Culture (Introduced in July 2022)
  • Sports coverage, including live and archived events, as well as news and analysis, shows pertaining to various sporting competitions.
  • Gaming and Anime are examples of channels that focus on technology, science fiction, and geek culture.
  • Music – music videos and video concerts (audio-based music channels from Dash Radio were previously among the selections, but they were dropped in July 2020).
  • En Español — Spanish-language channels.
  • Kids channels are those that cater to younger children and adolescents.
  • Local coverage from CBS News Local channels (which had previously been carried in the news section via geolocation).

Previous channel classifications:

Discover — there are channels dedicated to travel, leisure, history, science, and other niche interests.

Pluto TV will have more than 200 channels by August 2021. These channels will include content that was obtained through a variety of content syndication arrangements as well as programs from ViacomCBS's internal collections.

WeatherNation TV, Newsmax TV, the Trinity Broadcasting Network (and sister network Hillsong Channel), Dabl, Bloomberg Television, Sky News, CNN, Professional Bull Riders' RidePass, Eleven Sports (although some events are replaced with alternative programming due to streaming rights restrictions), Stadium, and TheBlaze are examples of traditional television channels whose feeds are carried directly on Pluto.

AVOD providers such as CBS News, CBS Sports HQ, Fox Sports, ET Live, Nosey, NBC News Now, Newsy (short-form Newsy Briefs are inserted into commercial breaks on other Pluto channels), Cheddar News, TYT Network, and People TV, all have their feeds carried by Pluto.

In addition, Pluto provides access to something called "pop-up channels." These channels preserve binge-watching or specialist programming forms and can either run for a limited time or continue indefinitely.

How to download Pluto TV videos without any limitation

With the assistance of the MyStream Pluto TV downloader, you will be able to successfully download videos from Pluto TV if that is something that you would like to accomplish. This downloader gives you the greatest degree of flexibility possible by enabling you to download Pluto TV programs using either the Windows or Mac operating systems. This gives you access to a wide range of content.

MyStream Pluto TV downloader

You can watch movies on Pluto TV without having to worry about being disrupted by ads even if you are not connected to the internet. This is because Pluto TV streams movies directly from the internet. This functionality can only be accessed through the premium subscription tier of the service.

In addition, the MyStream Pluto TV downloader enables users to store videos locally in the greatest quality that is currently available, allowing them to watch such videos even when they are not connected to the internet. Users are at liberty to watch these movies at any time that they see fit.

A step-by-step guide to downloading Pluto TV videos with MyStream downloader

After you have finished installing the MyStream Pluto TV downloader on your personal computer, the first thing you will need to do in order to make use of it is to log into your account. If you do not already have an account, you may create one here.

Step 2: After you have successfully begun using the MyStream downloader, you will be required to select VIP Service from the function bar located to the left of the screen. After you have completed these steps, you will be able to locate the Pluto TV service.

Step 3: Select Pluto TV from the list of available services, and once you've decided the video you want to save to your computer, click the "download now" option to start the process of saving the movie to your computer.

After you have finished these three easy steps, the process of downloading your movie will be finished, and the entire thing will only take a few minutes from the time you start until the time you finish it.


In this article, you can learn the availability of Pluto TV, programming on Pluto TV, and how to download Pluto TV videos in easy steps without any limitations.

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