A Complete Guideline on HBO Max on Roku

| Published on Oct 17, 2022| 5 Minutes Reading
If you’re looking for HBO Max on Roku and how you can use Roku HBO Max, you’re at the right place. This article will cover all the topics related to Roku HBO Max.

HBO Max is one of the most popular and versatile platforms for entertainment. To make it more accessible for the users, HBO Max has signed a contract with Roku. Now, you can watch HBO Max on Roku without any trouble. This Roku HBO Max contract makes entertainment timeless and more manageable.


In this article, we'll cover what to do when HBO Max is not working on Roku and how to cancel HBO Max on Roku when you no longer pay for it. Moreover, for our beginner community, we’ll also teach how to log out of HBO Max on Roku. So, without further ado, let’s get it!

How to Log in and Log out of HBO Max on Roku

HBO Max on Roku was always a dream. However, after 2020 when Roku HBO Max joined hands, this dream became a clear reality. Now, we don’t need to access HBO Max separately; purchase your premium subscription to Roku HBO Max, and you’re good to go!

Some users are confused about how to sign out of HBO Max on Roku when they don't require it. Also, there is confusion regarding how to login in to HBO Max on Roku and vice versa. However, there's no need to panic as we have got you the latest guide on these topics.

How to login in to HBO Max on Roku

Here’s a step-by-step methodology on how to login in to HBO Max on Roku.

  • The first step on how to login in to HBO Max on Roku is to open HBO Max on Roku TV.
  • Locate the profile to sign HBO Max on Roku to sign in. Now, click on the "OK" button to use the keyboard.
  • You'll see a window that needs your email and password. Enter it and proceed.

Voila! You've just logged in on HBO Max on Roku.

How to log out of HBO Max on Roku

Do you need a beginner’s guideline on how to sign out of HBO Max on Roku? If yes, then you’re at the right place! Here’s a step-by-step simplest guideline on how to log out of HBO Max on Roku. Let’s get it!

  • Open Roku HBO Max and locate your profile in the top-right corner.
  • The next step on how to sign out of HBO Max on Roku is the most crucial. Locate the sign-out button and click on it.

That's it; you've just finished logging out of HBO Max on Roku!

How to Deal with HBO Max Not Working on Roku

Many users suffer from HBO Max not working on Roku. It is a technical issue which you can surely solve. Here are some best methods to fix HBO Max not working on Roku.

Reset your Roku device

It is the first confirmatory way to fix HBO Max on Roku not working. Unplug your device from the outlet to reset it. Plugin again after 1-2 minutes. This way, you’ll be able to get rid of minor connectivity issues if present.

Reset your Roku device

If it still doesn’t work, move on to the next method!

Update and upgrade Roku

In this hectic life, you’re most likely to ignore updating and upgrading Roku. That being the case, check if you're using Roku OS 9.3 and higher. If not, then upgrade it.

If you don’t know how to update Roku, here’s how you do it.

  • Start by turning on your Roku device and pressing the “Home” button on the remote.
  • View settings from the screen and locate "System."

Roku System

  • There you'll find the system update. If you don't require any latest updates, skip the next step. In contrast, updating it to the latest version, as it's only going to take a few minutes at most.

Reenable HBO Max on Roku

Most users fix their HBO Max not working on Roku by this step. So, hang on; this might be the method you need for fixing.

  • Switch on your Roku TV and press the “Home” button.
  • Locate your streaming channels to view the channel’s store.
  • Locate HBO Max and click on “Remove Channel.”

Remove Channel

  • Restart your Roku device and again view the channel’s store.
  • This time add HBO Max on Roku by searching for it.

This might have fixed the issue. If not, then disable your VPN. The next step is enabling HBO Max to work properly on your Roku device.

Check the HBO Max status

It is not the step to fix HBO Max not working on Roku. However, it can be a source for confirmation that this error is not from your end. Use websites like DownDetector to check the status of HBO Max. If it is down, wait some time for the server to fix the issue.

How to Cancel HBO Max on Roku

Even after the numerous benefits of HBO Max on Roku, you may want to cancel HBO Max on Roku. You might have a reason to cancel HBO Max on Roku. It can be either because of budget issues or timing clashes.

In order to cancel HBO Max on Roku, you don’t have to be a tech specialist. You can follow our lead to get it done.

How to cancel HBO Max on Roku TV

Here’s how to cancel HBO Max on Roku and step-by-step information about it.

  • Switch on your Roku device to proceed with how to cancel HBO Max on Roku guidelines.
  • Now, click on the home button.
  • Locate HBO Max and click on it.
  • Select the "Manage Subscription" button, and a pop-up window appears.
  • Click on cancel subscription and proceed.

How to cancel HBO Max on Roku via Website

You can also cancel your HBO Max subscription on Roku via browser. Here's how you do it.

  • Open your browser and navigate to roku.com.
  • Sign in to your Roku account to proceed.
  • Locate the manage account, and click on it to reveal "Manage Subscriptions.”
  • Find HBO Max and click on cancel subscription.

cancel subscription

You've just finished canceling HBO Max on Roku. Now, HBO Max will no longer charge you for its premium subscription.

How to Download HBO Max Videos with MyStream HBO Downloader

You may have canceled HBO Max on Roku due to personal reasons. However, you won't be able to stream videos on HBO Max. So, to get timeless entertainment, you can use MyStream HBO Max Downloader.


It is a highly efficient platform that lets you access HBO Max videos offline. The best part is that you can freely transfer the videos. MyStream HBO Downloader lets you download multiple episodes at the same time.

Nothing can stop you from watching your favorite shows, movies, and all the HBO Max content offline. Even after you have canceled your HBO Max subscription, you’ll still have full access to the videos.

It has a super affordable package and a 7-day trial that lets the user decide what HBO Max can genuinely offer. MyStream HBO Downloader is available on both Mac and Windows so that you can have your pick!


In this guideline, we covered all the points regarding Roku HBO Max and the issues and benefits of HBO Max on Roku. You can also check the steps to get rid of Roku HBO Max in the simplest steps.

However, the MyStream HBO Downloader will be your ideal option if you want to access HBO Max videos offline. Plus, it is available across various platforms like HBO Max, Crack Stream, CrunchyRoll, Netflix, Disney Plus, and more.

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