Amazon Prime student membership free trial period is for 6 months? How can I record and save Amazon Prime content for free?

| Published on Jun 15, 2022| 3 Minutes Reading
Amazon Prime student members, here's how to record and download videos.

Amazon Prime Fees (Membership Fees)

Amazon Prime has different membership fees for regular members and student members. Students can sign up for Prime Student for a discount on the regular price.

The fees are as follows

Regular member (Amazon Prime membership fee)

If you are signing up for an Amazon Prime regular membership for the first time, you will receive a 30-day free trial period. However, after the free period, your account will be automatically renewed as a paid Amazon Prime membership account. You will then be required to pay the following monthly or annual fees depending on your plan

Student Membership (Amazon Prime membership fee)

If you enroll as a Prime Student, you can take advantage of Prime benefits for half the regular membership fee. When applying, you must prove that you are a student. The Prime Student free trial period is 6 months.

How to sign up for Prime Student

Flow of Prime Student registration

  1. Open the Amazon top page
  2. Click "Prime" at the top of the page
  3. Click on "Click here for Prime Student
  4. Click on "Start 6-month trial period
  5. Log in ("Create Amazon Account" if you are new to Amazon)
  6. Enter your student verification method (student ID number or school-issued email address) and select your expected graduation date and time.
  7. Register your payment method and billing address
  8. Click on "Try a 6-month trial period

Prime Student enrollment is only available to students who are currently attending a university, graduate school, junior college, professional training college, or technical college in Japan and have a valid student ID number.

Unfortunately, high school students are not eligible for Prime Student.

What if I do not have a student ID number?

If you do not have a student ID number, you will need to enter your student e-mail address or provide proof of your student status (e.g., proof of enrollment or a copy of your student ID card).

This section explains the process of downloading video content from the Amazon Prime video streaming service.

How to record and save Amazon Prime content for free

Install "MyStream Amazon Prime Downloader" on your computer

First, access the URL below and install the software "MyStream Amazon Prime Downloader" on your computer.

>> MyStream Amazon Prime Downloader

Click the button marked "Free Download" to download the installer.

When the file "MyStream_downloader.exe" is downloaded, click on it to open it.

When the installation screen appears, click "Quick Install" to begin the installation.

Download your Amazon Prime titles!

Click "VIP Services" on the left side of the "MyStream Amazon Prime downloader" operation screen.

Click "Amazon" on the list of supported streaming services.

When the Amazon top page appears, open the menu on the left side of the screen and select "Hello Login" to log in to Amazon Prime.

Enter your email address, ID, and password as appropriate to log in.

Once you are logged in, play the video content you wish to download.

You will then automatically see a screen where you can select the video content you wish to download.

After making your selection, click "Download Now" if you want to download right now, or click "Add to Queue" if you want to select other videos to download at once.

If "Video", "Audio", or "Subtitle" is displayed on the left side of the screen, change the settings as necessary.

Click "Downloading" on the left side of the operation screen, and you will see the selected video title displayed.

If there are other video titles you wish to download, click "Home" on the left side of the operation screen and follow the same procedure to select videos.

When you have finished selecting the videos you want to download, click "Start All" to begin downloading (downloading).

That's all for how to record and download Amazon Prime vidéos.

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