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| Published on Jun 22, 2022| 3 Minutes Reading
It is impossible to save videos directly from the official website of Levi-Tokyo. However, with Mystream Downloader you can download TV Tokyo videos.

What is TV TOKYO?

Netto mo Teletext" is a free service that allows you to watch selected programs broadcast on TV Tokyo and BS Teletext from a variety of devices.

Most convenient of all, it is available free of charge and without registration.

Can I download videos from TV TOKYO?

If you use the Teletext BIZ (TV Tokyo Business on Demand) application, downloading is possible.
Downloaded contents can be viewed from Downloads on My Page.

Also, it is possible to set to allow downloading only when you are using WiFi.

Go to "Download Settings" under "Others" and turn on "Download only when connected to WiFi".
*There are some programs that cannot be downloaded due to rights reasons.
There is a one-week viewing period for downloading. If the viewing period expires, you can view the program by re-downloading it. However, you cannot re-download programs whose distribution has been suspended.
The maximum number of programs that can be downloaded is 50.

However, if you want to download videos for viewing on a computer, you will need a dedicated downloader.

We recommend the Mystream downloader.

What is Mystream Downloader?

Mystream Downloader is a software that allows you to download content from video sharing services almost effortlessly.

Mystream Downloader supports DRM M3U8 encryption technology, which allows you to download online videos.

Once you download "TV Tokyo" videos in MP4 or MKV format to your PC, you can transfer them to various devices such as smartphones, tablets, game consoles, or play them on other media players.

You can also freely select video resolutions such as 2160P, 1080P, 720P, 480P, etc., to fully preserve the source video without any loss of quality.

How to use Mystream Downloader

Install Mystream Downloader on your PC

Both Windows and Mac versions of Mystream downloader are available on the official website.

Select the version that matches your PC and click the "Free Download" button to download the [exe. file].

After the download is complete, you will enter the quick installation.

How to Download TV Tokyo Special Programs

Step 1: Post the video link

The first step in downloading TV Tokyo Special content is to paste the link. In addition to copying the link from the official TV Tokyo website, you can also directly type in the video link to download.

Step 2: Start downloading

Open the video link and play the video, and the source video you want to download will be detected automatically. After a few seconds the video will finish loading.

Step 3: Change details

Before downloading, you will automatically be prompted to set the video quality, audio quality, etc. to your liking.

Step 4: Start downloading

If no changes are necessary, click the "Download" button to begin downloading.


As mentioned above, it is not possible to save videos directly from the official TV Tokyo website.

However, you can use Mystream Downloader to download TV TOKYO videos.

If you want to download TV Tokyo videos, please try it.

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