A Guide to Download PlayOn Desktop and PlayOn Alternatives

| Published on Oct 17, 2022| 5 Minutes Reading
If you're looking for an easy way to download PlayOn desktop and PlayOn alternatives, follow this article to become aware of its steps in no time.

Nowadays, recording videos of games and TV series is extensively used. Most of the recorders are unable to schedule recordings according to your preference. However, that's not the case with the PlayOn desktop. It has been extensively used in various platforms that require you to download and record videos conveniently.

PlayOn 1080p recording is a Stream Video Recorder that can record and download videos from any platform, including Netflix, HBO max, etc. You can also use PlayOn alternatives to do the same job. However, the steps to download the PlayOn alternative differ from PlayOn TV.

This article will guide you to download the PlayOn desktop and PlayOn alternative. It is super easy and clear to follow. So, without further ado. Let's get straight into it.

What Is PlayOn Desktop?

PlayOn desktop is an app developed to download and record your favorite shows offline. With PlayOn for Windows, you won't have trouble skipping shows when you're busy. You can download it on PlayOn home and rewatch it on PlayOn mediaserver.


In addition, the PlayOn app is available across all platforms, including Netflix, Disney Plus, etc. You can get benefited from all of it via PlayOn download. It is an easy job and saves you a lot of time.

You can switch to PlayOn alternatives if you don't have a PlayOn desktop. The PlayOn alternative offers the same services in an optimized price plan. They, too, have the same feature of PlayOn 1080p recording, which delivers crystal-clear quality. Nothing can stop you from streaming your favorite shows offline.

Also, this service is perfect for gamers. They can schedule their recordings and use PlayOn desktop to get the most out of it. In addition, due to PlayOn 1080p recording, your gaming video will comprise high-quality graphics and clear audio.

You can also use their online service, PlayOn cloud, which is an internet-based service and works the same way as PlayOn desktop.

How to download PlayOn desktop

PlayOn download has never been more accessible for some audiences. However, you can follow this guideline to download PlayOn for Windows. It has simple and clear steps that even a seven-year-old can follow.

  • Start by clicking the "download free now" button to proceed with the PlayOn download.
  • Once the .exe file has been downloaded to your system, click on it and start the installation.
  • It will only take a few minutes to install and accept the terms and conditions to jump on to the next step.
  • After installing PlayOn Desktop, click on the icon and launch it.

Voila! You’ve just finished downloading PlayOn for Windows on your PC. They are tons of positive PlayOn reviews that prove that PlayOn mediaserver is efficient and convenient to use.

How to Record Desktop Videos with PlayOn Desktop

As technology is moving towards advancement, our lives have become hectic. We hardly get time to entertain ourselves, as we are always preoccupied with work commitments. Your favorite show airs, and you don't get to watch it because your schedule doesn't match the TV show airing time.

That being the case, PlayOn has the finest solution for you! With PlayOn home, you can download your favorite shows and easily access them offline. You wouldn't be worried if your TV provider ditches you at the last moment or disrupts your internet connection. It will be just you and your favorite show being streamed at your respective time.

PlayOn for Windows allows users to download multiple videos or record them on their PC. After downloading, the file is locally found on your hard drive, allowing offline video access.

Unlike PlayOn cloud, it allows you to replay and save videos offline. It turns your favorite series and videos into .mp4 files that can be locally accessed and transferred anywhere you want.

Here’s how you can download and record videos or shows on PlayOn and access them offline.

  • Open your PC and launch the PlayOn app.
  • Search for the streaming site where the respective show is present.

Search for the streaming site where the respective show is present

  • Click on the show you want, and you'll see a record button.
  • Click on that, and the video will start recording. Now do whatever you want until the episode has finished streaming.
  • Stop the recording, and it will be automatically saved to your computer.

Nothing can stop you from accessing videos and shows offline with the PlayOn app.

PlayOn Desktop Is Not Working

According to the PlayOn reviews, PlayOn Home allows you to watch your favorite shows and movies offline. It converts the video on the channel into .mp4 format and makes it accessible for you on your hard drive. With PlayOn home, you’ll be able to access up to 25+ global channels effortlessly.

In addition to it, it will also download the closed subtitles along with the .mp4 file. The UI design of PlayOn is beginner-friendly, so you don't have to worry if you're into tech-related knowledge.

Most of the time, the PlayOn app is bug-free. However, you may encounter problems due to installation.

How to Fix PlayOn Desktop Not Working

If your PlayOn desktop is not working, it might be an issue in installing the PlayOn mediaserver. Here is the solution that you can follow.


You can reinstall the PlayOn desktop in three simple steps

  • Open uninstall a program setting, click on the PlayOn desktop, and hit uninstall.
  • Now, open your browser and search for PlayOn TV for Windows.
  • Click on the download button and reinstall it by following the previously mentioned steps.

It will likely fix the issue, and you can download videos again.

Best PlayOn Alternative: MyStream Downloader

According to the PlayOn reviews, the PlayOn desktop is no longer supported, which is why many audiences has now shifted to using the PlayOn cloud. However, the major drawback with using PlayOn mediaserver/ PlayOn cloud is that it doesn't require a PC. So, for our PC users, we have the best PlayOn alternative to blow their minds.

You can use MyStream Downloader to perform the same functionalities as the PlayOn app. It is available across 100+ platforms, a relatively larger number than PlayOn. You can use this PlayOn alternative to stream videos from your favorite platforms whenever you want.

MyStream Downloader

Among the PlayOn alternatives, it is a pioneer. You can watch videos offline across hundred platforms. Whether it is Netflix or Hulu, you can access all of them through MyStream Downloader.

How to download MyStream downloader

You can use this efficient PlayOn alternative to download and record videos in no time. The best part about this PlayOn alternative is that it is super easy to use, and you won’t be confused as it doesn’t have a complex UI design.

Here’s how you can download videos on MyStream Downloader

  • Open your browser, and search for MyStream Downloader.
  • Click on it and proceed with downloading and installation.
  • Now, launch MyStream on your PC and search for the channel.
  • Once you've located that, click on the show you want to download the video. Hit the download button, and you will download it in no time!

Nothing can stop you from using MyStream Downloader on a PC. You can use this PlayOn alternative to download videos from any platform you want.


With PlayOn alternative, MyStream Downloader, you can download series and TV shows from all genres. Moreover, it is supported by over 100 platforms, including Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, etc.

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