How to Download Voot Videos? Let's Stream Voot for Fun!

| Published on Oct 20, 2022| 5 Minutes Reading
If you want to download Voot videos in an easy and fast way, you should read this article because it shows you the simple method to download Voot Videos and describles Voot subscription and Voot Kids.

You may be familiar with Voot if you live in India or have a passion for Indian television programming. However, there are still others who find it challenging to download Voot videos and then watch them whenever they have the opportunity.

Don't be concerned; this article will provide you with a full guide to Voot as well as other aspects of the service that many users have questions about, such as the cost of a Voot subscription. Let's get started!

What Can I Stream on Voot?

Voot is a young but popular Indian streaming platform, providing numerous Voot TV shows, and movies for users. The videos from Voot often have more than one language, such as Bengali and Malayalam. Besides, the content of Voot is not only about Indian and the targeted users of Voot are not limited to Indians.

That is to say, you can also some foreign videos on Voot. And you can also stream Voot videos if you are in the US and the UK. These inclusive features help Voot attract many active users both at home and abroad.


If you are new to Voot and want to know what exactly can I stream on Voot, there are some recommended videos and shows for you. Voot tv shows and the top-rated originals of Voot are something that you should not miss. The content quality of those originals is high, which will bring you joy and some enlightenment, such as the Great Weddings of Munnes.

In addition, Voot tv shows also include some popular foreign shows the Good Wife and the new season of Love Island. And the reality show Bigg Boss 15 is also excellent. Many people followed Voot Bigg Boss 15 and discussed Voot Bigg Boss 15 on social media. Guess who is the top 1 contestant? Watching Voot Bigg Boss 15 will unlock this secret.

Apart from Voot TV shows, another part where you can have countless content is the sports channel of Voot sports. NBA matches, FIFA, or BWF are available on Voot. You can easily follow the latest sports videos and watch the highlights of your favorite team on Voot. It is so great, isn’t it?

How Much Does Voot Cost?

If you want to know the details of the Voot subscription, you are in the right place. Many Voot videos are free to watch. But some exclusive content is only available to Voot Select subscription users.

With a Voot subscription, you can watch the latest international shows and Voot originals. More importantly, if you have a Platinum plan, annoying ads will not appear.However, Voot Select is only for Indian users.

There Voot subscription plans are available. The first one is Voot mobile subscription plan at Rs 299 for a year, which can only be used on one mobile phone at a time. The second is the Gold subscription plan from Voot Rs 499 for a year, which allows you to watch Voot videos on phones, TV, and PC devices in high definition.

And the third is the Voot Platinum subscription plan at Rs 599. The most distinctive advantage is that this Voot subscription plan allows you to enjoy ad-free videos on up to four screens simultaneously.

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How Can I Get Voot Kids for My Children?

Voot videos have a special genre that is recognized by many Indian parents. That is Voot Kids, which brings cartoons, movies, and classic audio stories. Motu Patlu and Bheem in the City are popular in Voot Kids.

In the Voot Kids Parent Zone, you have the ability to monitor your children and set limits on the amount of time they spend in front of screens. You have the ability to personalize the experience for each child by creating a distinct profile for them.

Your children won't have to worry about being harassed by commercials when they use Voot Kids because there won't be any.

Voot Kids

Is Voot Kids free? Voot Kids indeed has free but high-quality content for kids to enjoy. And you can also buy subscriptions for exclusive content. You can make a decision based on your kids' viewing needs.

And the steps to subscribe to Voot Kids are as follows:

  • Create an account on the Voot Kids app.
  • Select “to subscribe to Voot Kids” and "PROCEED."
  • Pick a method that works best for you.

How to Download Voot Videos in Easy Steps?

Wondering to know how to download Voot videos? Many people have complained that the downloading speed of Voot itself is too slow. And MyStream Voot Downloader can be your best alternative to download Voot videos.


You may wonder the benefits of using MyStream, and they are as follows:

First, batch-downloading with high speed. MyStream allows you to download more than one Voot video at a time, which is highly efficient.

Second, no ads. With MyStream, you do not have to endure the ads from Voot since it can help you remove ads during downloading.

Third, high definition. If you want to enjoy the same clarity of online viewing, then Mystream can satisfy your needs. You can download Voot videos up to 1080 resolution.

Fourth, leading technology. Unlike other downloaders, MyStream is updated from time to time in order to make sure their downloading process is stable, reliable, and risk-free. The advanced technology protects your information security and gives you a smooth viewing experience.

Let’s enjoy Voot videos offline with MyStream. But how to use MyStream to download Voot Videos? The answer is revealed in the next part. Just keep watching!

Simple steps to download Voot videos with MyStream Voot Downloader

The first thing is to download MyStream Voot Downloader.

Secondly, open MyStream and paste the URL of the Voot video into the search bar of MyStream.

Third, click the download now button and the downloading process will start instantly.

That’s it! It is easy and safe to download Voot videos with MyStream. Have a try and I promise you will not regret it!


Voot is a well-known streaming service that offers content that is appropriate for both you and your children to watch. You are able to catch up on your beloved Voot TV shows whilst your children watch their go-to cartoons on Voot Kids.

And you can choose what you need according to three different Voot subscription plans. And perhaps most crucially, MyStream may save you a significant amount of time and effort by downloading Voot videos.

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